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Future Of Music Coalition Announces Additional Speakers For Policy Summit 2009 September 3, 2009

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Washington, D.C. — Top names in music, law, technology and policy will gather in Washington, DC from October 4-6, 2009 for the eighth Future of Music Policy Summit, which provides an unprecedented forum for artists, advocates, policymakers, attorneys, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to discuss the crucial issues facing the music community.

Future of Music Policy Summit 2009

Widely praised by advocates and industry alike, FMC’s Policy Summits have gained a reputation as “a kind of Geneva where all sides in any number of contentious music industry fights can get together and play nice for a few days.” As the Washington Post wrote while covering FMC’s event in 2004, “[Policy Summit] offers pinstriped Washingtonians a rare opportunity to hear musicians articulate their concerns in person instead of relying on competing lobbying groups that claim to espouse their interests.”

At Policy Summit 2009, a spectacular mix of speakers and panelists will come together for thought-provoking conversations about the future of music and the artists who will shape it.

FMC is particularly thrilled to announce that U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) will be joining us on Monday, October 5.

On Tuesday, October 6, attendees will hear from Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify — the potentially game-changing music service that’s sweeping Europe and generating incredible buzz in America, where the service is expected to launch this year.

Also appearing at Policy Summit 2009 is Brian Message — a partner in Courtyard Management, the team that represents Radiohead, Supergrass and the 22-20s.

Another exciting speaker is Ian Rogers of Topsin Media, a company that lets artists directly market to their fans using a variety of innovative techniques. Topspin recently assisted David Byrne and Brian Eno in self-releasing of their critically acclaimed album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

Throughout the Summit, prominent musicians from a variety of genres will also give their direct thoughts about how they’re adapting to an increasingly networked (and noisy) world. Artist participants in Policy Summit 2009 include jazz pianist Vijay Iyer, Wayne Kramer of MC5, Dave Allen of Gang of Four and Mac McCaughan, co-owner of Merge Records and member of Superchunk and Portastatic.

The programming at this event will include both practical, musician-focused workshops and inspired panel discussions featuring the sharpest minds in the music/technology space. Visionary presentations will highlight new approaches to a sustainable music ecosystem. Breakout sessions, working groups and interactive technologies like webcasting and social media will give participants multiple ways to engage in these important conversations. Opportunities for networking will come via cocktail parties, a documentary film screening and a live music event.

Policy Summit 2009 Registration:

As with all FMC events, a limited number of musician scholarships are available:

Press credentialing:

Confirmed speakers (as of August 31, 2009):

Ken Abdo – Vice President and co-chair of Entertainment Law Department, Lommen Abdo Law Firm
Dave Allen – Musician, Gang of Four
Tony Berman Founder, Berman Entertainment and Technology Law
Michael Bracy – Policy Director, Future of Music Coalition

Helen Bruner – Producer, Songwriter, and Grammy-nominated artist, Phil’erzy Productions
David Carson – General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office
Ann Chaitovitz – Owner, Ann Chaitovitz Consulting

Candace Clement – Campaign Coordinator, Free Press

John Crigler – Owner, Garvey Shubert Barer
Peter DiCola – Assistant Professor of Law, Northwestern University

Daniel Ek – Founder and CEO, Spotify
Harold Feld – Legal Director, Public Knowledge
Senator Al Franken – D-Minnesota
Duncan Freeman – Founder and President, Band Metrics
Scott Goodstein- Founder, Revolutionary Messaging

Jim Griffin – Founder, Choruss

Jordan Hirsch – Executive Director, Sweet Home New Orleans
Seth Hurwitz – Chairman, IMP
Ariel Hyatt – Founder and Owner, Ariel Cyber PR
Vijay Iyer – jazz pianist
Peter Jaszi – Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Clinic, American University

Roberta R. Katz – Special Advisor, Technology, U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division
Rob Kaye – Founder and Lead Developer, MusicBrainz 
Greg Kot Columnist, Chicago Tribune
Wayne Kramer – Musician, MC5

Mac McCaughan – Co-founder, Merge Records; Musician, Portastatic, Superchunk

Alex Maiolo – HINT Program Coordinator, Future of Music Coalition

Charlie McEnerney – Founder and Producer, Well-Rounded Radio 
Kembrew McLeod – Associate Professor, University of Iowa 

Brian Message – Partner, Courtyard Management
David Oxenford – Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Tim Quirk – Vice President of Music Programming, Rhapsody 
Paul Rapp – Owner, The Law Offices of Paul C. Rapp

Ian Rogers – CEO, TopSpin Media

Patrick Ross – Executive Director, Copyright Alliance; Chairman, Copyright Alliance Education Foundation

Jim Selby – CEO, Naxos of America

Johanna Shelton – Senior Policy Counsel & Legislative Strategist, Google Inc.

John Strohm – Associate Attorney, Johnston Barton
Kristin Thomson Education Director, Future of Music Coalition

Marcy Rauer Wagman – Associate Professor, Drexel University; CEO and Founder, MAD Dragon UNLTD
Emily White – Partner, Whitesmith Entertainment
Brian Zisk – Co-founder, Collecta; Founder and Executive Producer, SanFran MusicTech Summit and Future of Money Summit

About Future of Music Coalition
Future of Music Coalition is a national non-profit education, research and advocacy organization that seeks a bright future for creators and listeners. FMC works towards this goal through continuous interaction with its primary constituency — musicians — and in collaboration with other creator/public interest groups.

Email: casey@futureofmusic.org
Url: http://futureofmusic.org/events/future-music-policy-summit-2009


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