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Kenye West versus Taylor Swift–A Professional Jealousy or a Staged Interruption? September 14, 2009

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Professional jealousy or staged interruption?

Last night on MTV’s Video Music Awards Kenye West apparently upstaged Taylor Swift with an outburst that voiced his objection to her accepting an award that he thought was owed Beyonce. Nominated for the same award, he said that Beyonce should have won for her ”Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)” as it was ”one of the best videos of all time.”

As he had several times before, West was certain to get the award show spotlight to shine on him.

Swift, interrupted in her acceptance speech, was visibly upset and ran off stage. West, booed for this interruption, was interrupted as the broadcast cut away to a wide angle shot of the stage and then to a pre-recorded segment with Tracy Morgan. Booed, West, was asked to leave the show and left the building.

For the many of viewers who may have missed this scene, they tuned into YouTube to catch copies of the video clip. Viacom, MTV’s parent company — which is embroiled in a long-running $1 billion lawsuit with YouTube — engaged in a game of media “whack-a-mole,” tried to squash illicit copies of the videos almost as soon as they appeared.

According to Hill Holiday, a communications and marketing agency, a single video of Mr. West’s outburst registered 500,000 viewers and “got pulled by Viacom within 20 minutes.”

Swift later had a chance to recapture her moment in the spotlight when Beyonce, accepting her moonman for her “Single Ladies” which took the video of the year, invited Swift out on stage to properly ”have her moment.”

500,000 views within 20 minutes? You talk about a viral video. Was this staged or was it a case of a petty professional jealousy.

What do you think?

The Most Controversial Music Videos of All Time September 14, 2009

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Last night the MTV VMAs aired on television. It was a regular gala of celebrities from the worlds of pop music and R & B. Although Lady Gaga’s presentation was off the wall–the curtain rises after a thunderous crash on a scene ripped off from the closing of the Phantom of the Opera and closes with Lady Gaga suspended aloft bleeding from the eyes and mouth–this scene was lame compared to some of the most controversial music videos ever produced.

What were the most controversial music videos ever created? Oddee, an entertainment blog described as being all about things of the “Wierd, Wide Web” opened this with “10 Most Controversial Music Videos.”

Here are three from that article, but be prepared. The scenes from these videos are stunningly horrific and dark. In fact, many of today’s creepiest horror offerings pale compared to these 3 and 4 minute snippets of insanity.

Despite (or perhaps because of) its controversial content, this video is considered a work of art. The Museum of Modern Art has added it to their permanent collection. It is Nine Inch Nails video Closer,

Again, be prepared. These are not a videos for the squeamish. And these were all produced as music videos.

This next video is a product of the dark mind of the androgynous Marilyn Manson. Although released in 2003, it is still giving people nightmares today. It is entitled (s)Aint.

This next video was Al Bino’s debut single. It features a nasty looking head growing from a mole on a shirtless man’s back. The song titled A Good Day For Cancer is about the dangers of sunbathing. The controversy seems to be whether this was a legitimate music video, or a public service announcement.

Even country music has its controversy. Garth Brooks released this video on the release of his hit Thunder Rolls. Although this song is often heard even today, the third verse is seldom played unless in performance. It is the story of spousal abuse, cheating and murder.

If you have the stomach for or the desire to watch the other six, or the videos recommended by Oddee’s readers, go online to:


And remind yourself these are only music videos.