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Viacom’s Legal Attack On YouTube Threatens Online Speech And Innovation April 21, 2010

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and other nonprofit groups asked a federal judge Monday to reject expansive copyright claims made in lawsuits pending against YouTube. The amicus brief argues that the plaintiffs in those lawsuits are pushing for legal rulings that would undermine federal law and throttle free speech and innovation on the Internet.

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November Sees Number Of U.S. Videos Viewed Online Surpass 30 Billion For First Time On Record January 6, 2010

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comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, released November 2009 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, showing that more than 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month.

Online video viewing continued to reach record levels in November with nearly 31 billion videos viewed during the month, and Google Sites accounting for 39 percent of all videos viewed online in the U.S.

Top 10 Video Content Properties by Videos Viewed
Google Sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property in November as it delivered 12.2 billion videos viewed with YouTube.com accounting for nearly 99 percent of all videos viewed at the property. Hulu ranked second with 924 million videos viewed (3.0 percent) followed by Viacom Digital with 500 million (1.6 percent) and Microsoft Sites with 480 million (1.5 percent).

In November, Tremor Media ranked as the #1 video ad network with a potential reach of 85 million viewers, or 49.8 percent of the total viewing audience. Advertising.com Video Network ranked second with a potential reach of 80 million viewers (47.1 percent penetration) followed by YuMe Video Network with 73 million viewers (43.0 percent).

Other notable findings from November 2009 include:

* The top video ad networks in terms of their actual reach delivered were: Tremor Media Video Network with 20.0 percent penetration of online video viewers, BBE with 17.5 percent, and BrightRoll Video Network with 16.6 percent.
* 84.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
* The average online video viewer watched 12.2 hours of video.
* 128.1 million viewers watched more than 12 billion videos on YouTube.com (94.3 videos per viewer).
* 38.6 million viewers watched 333.4 million videos on MySpace.com (8.6 videos per viewer).
* The average Hulu viewer watched 21.1 videos, totaling 2.1 hours of videos per viewer.
* The duration of the average online video was 4.0 minutes.

Tens of Thousands of Music Videos to Return to Youtube (UK) September 3, 2009

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YouTube has agreed a multi-million pound (UK) deal with the Performing Rights Society for Music after six months of negotiations, paving the way for tens of thousands of music videos to return to the site today.

In March 2009, Google-owned YouTube deleted thousands of music videos from its site, after a breakdown in licensing negotiations with the PRS.

The PRS is responsible for paying out royalties to composers, publishers and songwriters.

Patrick Walker, YouTube’s director of video partnerships, said at the time that the amount of money the PRS wanted was too high and would cause YouTube to lose money every time a video was played.

UK music publishers, composers and writers alike are remaining tight-lipped over the amount YouTube has paid out but The Daily Telegraph understands both sides were forced to make compromises on their requests.

Mr Walker declined to disclose any of the commercial details; however, he did confirm the deal was a “lump sum” arrangement considered a “win-win” outcome for both sides.

Both sides had to make sure any deal reached covered all premium and independent music videos, TV material which included music soundtracks in the background and user-generated content. “Essentially we have created a framework for the YouTube platform playing music moving forward.”

Tens of thousands of music videos will return to the site from today onwards, taking approximately a week to restore all the lost material, plus all the latest music videos to have been released from the major music labels with which YouTube has commercial deals.

The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity July 23, 2009

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33.44 minutes in length

1,728,000 minutes/day
Over 1000x faster than you can watch
493,714 videos/day
1,000,000 videos uploaded per day
Over 99.9% irrelevant to you (estimated)

Youtube 3D Coming at You July 20, 2009

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According to a thread which appeared on Youtube over the weekend, an engineer at Youtube is experimenting with 3D. Known as YT3D (You Tube 3D), this is still largely in the experimental stage, and because this is a “20% project,” it is not this engineer’s primary focus. It is hard to say when this capability will become available.

Incidentally, to view this 3D video, you do need those hokey cardboard 3D glasses, the kind which were popular with horror If this video doesn’t appear properly as posted on my blog, you can view this test video online on Youtube at:

Although this is certainly light years away, imagine the day that youtube morphs into a site that delivers holograms to your desktop. It could happen.

For that Google/Youtube thread: