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Hunting the Digital Buzz August 11, 2009

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We Are Hunted is a rapidly thriving website on the mission of becoming the epicenter of music buzz charts.

We Are Hunted is a collaboration between Australian news aggregation site WotNews and digital music marketers Native Digital.

In times where more music hunters are relying on blogs with unknown credentials (or intentions) rather than long-standing music magazines or respected music critics, We Are Hunted poses an interesting situation of musical collective intelligence.

Utilizing blogs, social networks, P2P networks, forums and message boards to create these playlists, many are touting it as a chart ‘for the P2P generation’.

Type in any artist or song and a profile shows up, listing articles mentioning them as well as charts measuring “volume” and “sentiment” for media coverage. Tracks on the charts are streamed through the site via blogs and YouTube, artists are linked to Spotify, and buy-to links are supplied for iTunes, Amazon and InSound.

Clients can login anytime and track the real time buzz about their artists”.

Is it a service for fans to discover and recommend new music or a metrics service for the industry to keep an eagle eye on its artists’ online presence? Maybe both.