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CMX v Songparts August 16, 2009

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The four major record labels have been developing a new digital music album format, “CMX,” that will combines songs, lyrics, artwork and videos into a single file, the Times Online reported.

Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI and Universal Music are said to have approached Apple 18 months ago about joining the project, but were rebuffed by the iTunes Store operator — which is itself now working on a new digital album format called “Cocktail.”

“Ours will be a file that you click on, it opens and it would have a totally brand-new look, with a launch page and all the different options. When you click on it you’re not just going to get the ten tracks, you’re going to get the artwork, the video and mobile products,” a “senior record label insider” told Times Online.

The CMX format is expected to launch in November, but will not be heavily marketed by the labels.
Songparts vs CMX: Two different approaches
Over the past week or so vague details have been appearing about a new digital music format being developed by the 4 major labels which is tentatively called “CMX”. Both CMX and a competing format being developed by Apple dubbed “Cocktail will bundle such rich media elements as videos, song lyrics, interviews and album art along with music tracks in what one can only guess is an attempt to bring back the golden era of people buying full albums.
On one hand it’s nice to see the record industry finally realizing that they need to offer some sort of value proposition in order to make people feel like forking over their money. On the other hand, a concerted effort to bundle things together at a time when digital consumers like to increasingly get their content a la carte seems a bit misinformed.