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British Music Label Abandoning CDs To Release Songs As Open Format Music PlayApps September 3, 2009

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British music label, Re-Interpreted Performance Records, foreseeing the eventual demise of plastic disc media, CDs and DVDs, has partnered with PlayApp to release all their upcoming artists’ records as downloadable, multimedia, open format playapps.

As the music industry lost billions of dollars and music fans have turned away from CDs to easy-to-use and portable songs in the MP3 file format, PlayApp, a Dallas, Texas-based business has released a new multimedia, open format that is even easier to use, and collectible, unlike MP3s. Playapps are custom designed and custom programmed multimedia programs that don’t require any installation whatsoever. They run by themselves or by remote control, using a media player program.

“We create these playapps, one app at a time,” said John Willsey, inventor and developer of playapps. “Each one is unique, unlike any other. We prefer to get in direct contact with the music artist and try to understand their style and direction. We then put what we’ve learned into their playapp, making it a unique and valuable collectible that their fans want to download and purchase.”

James Sutherland, owner of Re-Interpreted Performance Records, is eager to put the past turbulent years of the music industry behind him. “It’s quite refreshing to see these playapps come out at this time. Of course, we’ll still sell music CDs to fans who want them, but those days are fading fast, and we need a real solution yesterday that can keep up with the public’s ever-changing, insatiable demand.”

Playapps are not only available as music apps, but also book, video and game apps. They’re developed for Windows PCs, of which over 95% of the PCs world-wide run on. Music playapps contain songs, pictures, lyrics and artist bios. Songs and pictures can be extracted from playapps as MP3 and JPG files. They’re collectible and meant to be playable forever. No adware or spyware is contained in any playapp and all are digitally signed by the publisher PlayApp to show who they’re from and haven’t been tampered with.

“We welcome anyone else wishing to create and sell playapps as well. The format for playapps is open and can be easily updated by developers,” said John Willsey.