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Mufin Launches Mufin Player Pro, Music Player with Interactive 3D Sound Universe for Enriched Music Discovery and Management August 28, 2009

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Mufin has released a unique sound-based music player that brings music discovery and management into the digital age.

The new mufin player pro knows the sound of your music and provides a visual navigation of music collections based on their sounds — to make organizing, enjoying, and discovering music easier than ever.

Traditional music players sort music collections by artist or title name (no different than stacking physical CDs or albums on shelves) — thus filing the Beastie Boys after the Beach Boys, or pairing the Jonas Brothers with Johnny Cash. Instead, mufin’s unique soundsort technology organizes tracks according to each song’s musical qualities (tempo, instruments, sound density, etc.).

Grouping songs based on sound makes it easier for users to find the right songs to match their mood, particularly when dealing with extensive music collections.

The new mufin player pro takes sound-based management a step further with its ‘3D Sound Universe’. This visual navigation tool displays an entire music collection on a single screen. Songs are aligned according to sound metrics into distinct sound galaxies, and the closer songs appear in the universe, the more similar their sound metrics. “Digital music technology has so much more to offer than just MP3. Mufin player pro lets you playfully travel your music collection guided by its sound, something that you simply can’t do with your physical record collection.” says Jürgen Jaron, CEO of mufin.

Mufin player pro is available now for $29.99 at http://www.mufin.com.

Additionally, the company launched the official release of its free mufin player at http://www.mufin.com, which was previously in beta.

Both mufin player pro and the free mufin player incorporate strong social features to let music lovers share newly-discovered tracks and old favorites with friends.

In addition to the soundsort technology and visual navigation, mufin player pro includes:
• Automatic cleaning up of song details — including misspelled artists or titles, a sound-based duplicate song finder, and advanced drag-and-drop ID3 editing.
• Sound-based recommendations — mufin’s sound-based recommendation engine searches a database of over 6 million songs to suggest new songs that sound similar to any track.
• Personal DJ: mufin creates perfect playlists to match any mood in seconds. Users simply select any track (even self-produced songs!) and mufin automatically builds a playlist with tracks that match musically.

The free mufin player includes soundsort technology, social networking features, playlist creation, import/burning CDs, sync with MP3 players and iTunes. In addition to the player releases, mufin has improved its web interface on mufin.com, adding fun music visualization tools that map out song recommendations for intuitive navigation and song discovery.

With mufin’s music recommendation and recognition technology, only the sound of the song matters and not its popularity, origin or subjective grouping. Mufin empowers companies to monitor music usage and help their customers rediscover and manage their music collections in a new way using automated playlist creation, visual music navigation or automatic repair of incomplete or missing meta information in digital music files.

Mufin’s recommendation and recognition technologies work where your music is, whether it’s on the desktop, online or mobile device.

Visit http://www.mufin.com for more information or to download the free mufin player or mufin player pro.