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Company Introduces DVD that Will Protect Data for One Thousand Years July 19, 2009

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On Sept. 1, Millenniata, a start-up company based in Springville, Utah, will release a new archive disk technology to preserve data at room temperature for 1,000 years. Dubbed the Millennial Disc, it looks identical to a regular DVD.

The question is: With the advances we are experiencing in technology, and exponentially the advances we can expect to experience in technology in the years to come, we cannot expect the DVD to be the archiving format of the future.

How do you envision the future of data storage and will Millenniata’s disks be readable in the future or will they go the way of the floppy disk and 8-track tape? The data will still exist in those media, but just try to find a device that can access it

Would we want to try to archive music using a similar format? Should we be concerned with preserving recorded music into perpetuity?

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