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Consumer Focus On Consumers Awareness Of Legal Online Music Retail Options March 10, 2010

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Consumer Focus sees the growth of the legal online music market as the best way to tackle online copyright infringement, but new research from the consumer champion shows how the music industry is failing to promote the many legal alternatives.

The research released today shows that four in ten people are unable to name a single online music service at all (more…)

CDBaby Ups Cost of Selling Downloads, Passes Increase Along to Artists July 11, 2009

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If you sell downloads from CDBaby, it’s going to cost you a little bit more. CD Baby is upping the rate it charges artists for downloads sold direct from it’s site. This increase will range from 9% to 25% with a 27 cent minimum.

CD Baby blamed the increase in credit card fees which range from “27¢ (for a single) to over 50¢ (for an album or CD sale) per transaction”.

Commissions on downloads sold through Amazon, iTunes and other digital retailers will remain 9%.

Going live this weekend, this move is part of a site revamp that includes the addition of single song downloads, artist pages as well as the standard album pages, download card printing and an upload utility that eliminates the need to mail in a CD.

ReverbNation Launches “Sponsored Songs” To Give Away Free Music Downloads From 1,000 Artists July 10, 2009

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ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for musicians, announced the launch of ‘Sponsored Songs,’ a new online music distribution program that will give music fans access to unlimited free song downloads from 1,000 artists.

Through this innovative pilot program, a passive advertisement is embedded alongside the album cover art that is seen by music fans when they play the song on their computer, portable device or phone.

The advertising in Sponsored Songs travels with the fans wherever they enjoy their music giving the advertiser frequent and regular brand exposure, and the fan free music they can’t find anywhere else

Today, the company announced that Windows is the first advertiser to participate in this program.

Sponsored Songs will be available for free June 24 – September 24, 2009 on http://www.MySpace.com/Windows, and will feature music from independent and mainstream Artists in the rock, alternative, hip hop, latin, and electronica genres.

Music fans will be able to browse, sample, and discover music from established and emerging Artists that isn’t available anywhere else on the web for free. That’s music to everyone’s ears.

Brand gets reach and frequency with target audience “Ad-supported music models have historically been unable to deliver the value required by advertisers because they focus on the point of acquisition alone – one moment with one music fan,” explains Jed Carlson, chief operating officer of ReverbNation.

“Sponsored Songs aligns the interests of artists, fans, and major brands, creating a win-win-win situation where free music is a shared goal that benefits all parties.”

Artists earn money, stay in control, and receive free promotion

Sponsored Songs is an opt-in program for select Artists that use ReverbNation.com as their online marketing platform.

Artists are paid for each qualified download, and are shown the exact advertisement for their approval prior to the campaign launch.

“We treat Artists like we would want to be treated,” says Lou Plaia, vice president of artist relations at ReverbNation.com. “We give them the information to determine if Sponsored Songs is a good fit for them. If it is, we equip them with turnkey tools to promote the song to their fans.”