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AirPlay Direct Celebrates Banner 2009 – Sets New Standard for Digital to Radio Music Delivery December 18, 2009

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Nashville, TN December 16, 2009 — In 2005, Robert Weingartz had a dream and a small group of like-minded artists who supported his idea to start a digital-to-radio music delivery service. With his own money and funds from private investors, Weingartz began building the company – one artist, and one radio station at a time.

News ImageFast forward to 2009, and Weingartz is now CEO of AirPlay Direct, a company which boasts a global presence of nearly 25,000 artist/label members and 4,400 radio stations representing almost every country in the world.

Through Weingartz’s passion for the music and his single-minded attention to every detail, AirPlay Direct is quickly becoming the preeminent music and related artist content delivery platform in the entertainment industry.

The AirPlay Direct service represents music from every virtually every genre of music, including Rock, Country, R&B, Rap, Christian, Hip Hop, Pop, Gospel, Folk, New Age, Native American and Americana, among others.

In 2009, entertainment icon, Dolly Parton, made her music exclusively available to radio via the AirPlay Direct platform; Rounder Records brought the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss collaboration, Raising Sand, along with new projects by actor-turned banjo virtuoso, Steve Martin and bluegrass chanteuse, Rhonda Vincent; Alligator Records uploaded their huge catalog – including long out-of-print titles by blues rock legend, Johnny Winter; guitar wizard Steve Vai debuted his latest offering; Country mainstay Charlie Daniels delivered his new Christmas project exclusively to radio through the service; AND to cap the year in style, AirPlay Direct has just announced the exclusive worldwide distribution to radio of the prestigious catalog of the late Roy Orbison, widely considered to be one of the most influential singer/songwriters in the history of recorded music.

This year also marked the roll out of AirPlay Direct’s new upgraded delivery platform and their new Global Radio Indicator Charts, the first of its kind – which tracks global radio activity in real time. Weingartz and company also debuted the new digital / interactive publication, the Direct Buzz.

In November, Weingartz relocated his company from suburban Atlanta to Nashville, where he has surrounded himself with a cadre of top-flight industry professionals who advise him and help him to manage and guide his ever growing media company.

“2009 has been a very exciting year for AirPlay Direct,” states Weingartz. “I am pleased with the accomplishments, growth and successes that we have enjoyed as a company, and in tandem with our artist and record label members. I am looking forward to 2010 with great anticipation as AirPlay Direct continues to play a vital role in helping to shape the landscape of the rapidly evolving global music community. AirPlay Direct has some very powerful new deals and partnerships in place that we will be announcing in the first quarter of next year. I expect truly explosive growth for the company in the coming months.”

About AirPlay Direct:
AirPlay Direct is a global digital music delivery system servicing radio and the entertainment industry with downloadable content from some of the biggest names in music, alongside rising independent artists. AirPlay Direct’s web-based artist marketing, promotion, education, and advocacy platform allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to industry professionals worldwide. Our system allows media programmers and film/TV music supervisors to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and related artist information. AirPlay Direct recently debuted their monthly digital/interactive publication, the Direct Buzz.

For more information about AirPlay Direct please visit http://www.AirPlayDirect.com

For more information about the Direct Buzz go to http://www.thedirectbuzz.com

*Photo caption: Robert Weingartz, CEO, AirPlay Direct

Publicity contact:
Clif Doyal
Corporate Publicist, AirPlay Direct
CDA Promotions-Nashville/OKC
(a division of the Clif Doyal Agency, LLC)
Office: 615.885.5998 Cell: 615.319.1863
CDAnashville (at) aol (dot) com

Meet The Beatles: Rock Band Ad Brings John Lennon and George Harrison Back From the Dead–Spooky September 2, 2009

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John Lennon and George Harrison are brought back to life alongside Paul McCartney and Ringo Star in the first advertisement for the hotly-anticipated The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

The game, the latest in the successful Rock Band franchise, is expected to be one of the biggest-selling releases of the year, appealing both to young gamers and their Beatles-loving parents.

The Beatles: Rock Band will allow gamers to strum, play and sing along to 45 songs from the band’s back catalogue, with fans able to buy special replica controllers that look like original Beatles instruments. The band members themselves feature in the game as digital recreations.
It will be released across the world on September 9.

SAEOnLine: A Learning Revolution In Game, Film And Music Production Begins August 16, 2009

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SAE is the world’s biggest private educator with more than 50 campuses around the globe. Many thousands of students have enjoyed the superb facilities and expert tuition offered at them. Now anyone with an internet connection can get an SAE education as the company launches SAEOnLine, a revolution in on-line education. It will bring SAE’s expertise in music production, games programming (from SAE’s sister company Qantm who specialize in superb game-based courses) and film production to homes in far flung places around the world or to people too busy to take on a full time educational course.

SAEOnLine currently offers 22 courses (see http://saeonline.com/catalog/all-courses), expected to rise to 25 and beyond over the coming weeks. There are 16 Learning Advisors on hand to offer help and advice, and students are encouraged to use the site to interact with these Advisors and fellow students, sharing music, ideas and show reels. Courses are available in English, Spanish, Italian and German, and the International Graduate College is integrating with SAEOnLine to offer a Masters degree, in conjunction with Middlesex University.

For more information:

GigLocator Launches in Open Beta Today August 12, 2009

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GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. Offering a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too, the site will also keep you informed about your favorite artists’ upcoming tour date as you enter multiple Last.fm, Pandora or iLike usernames.

Learning about your preferences from the gigs you attend and the stuff you’re listening to GigLocator’s recommendation engine can provide more accurate and targeted recommendations.

As you are advised of upcoming gigs, you can share the dates with friends by way of your social network of choice; or GigLocator can connect you to people near you with similar musical tastes, others nearby who might be interested in going along too. How cool is that! No more being embarrassed by your musical preferences as you trudge off to attend concerts by yourself.

From the way things sound, this is another free resource made available to the music aficionado in each of us. GigLocator will make its money from ticket vendors on sales.

With record sales in freefall, but many artists still making money from live tours, GigLocator is in a good position to make a healthy profit from the one section of the music industry still making money.

What I have not heard yet is whether this format will make it possible for musicians to post their gigs, or being located in the UK, this site’s focus will be groups touring the United Kingdom.

Apple Developing Stand Alone App That Will Consolidate All Your Social Networking Accounts August 12, 2009

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Apple is working on some kind of software application that will consolidate all your existing social network accounts into one place, an even more interesting rdevelopment now that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, the service which previously seemed on top in terms of social network aggregation.

This won’t be just a built-in feature of iTunes itself, but will actually be a standalone application that includes as one of its own features iTunes music sharing via social media. It also offers the ability to simultaneously change your status across networks and to “connect with your friends’ friends,”

The news comes via a report from The Boy Genius Report today detailing further iTunes 9 rumors.


Is the Apple iPod a Goner? July 24, 2009

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Apple is generating more revenue from its iPhones than it does from the iPod. iPhone sales hit $1.69 billion in the fiscal-third quarter, up 303% from a year ago. Apple literally can’t get the devices made fast enough.

IPod sales on the other hand are down 11.1% to $1.49 billion. Unit sales were down 7% year over year and 7% from the fiscal second quarter.

This trend is expected to continue. Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s chief financial officer said. The company expects sales of the traditional iPod to decline as features are cannibalized by the iPhone and the skinny iPod touch.