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The New Blues Brothers, Three Decades Later September 4, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Blues, Entertainment Industry.
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All new Blues Brothers show, sanctioned by Dan Aykroyd, Judy Belushi and The Belushi Estate

Thirty-two years ago, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi debuted the American Blues and Soul Revivalist band, The Blues Brothers, as a musical sketch on Saturday Night Live. Almost instanty, “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues became a national phenomenon, cutting four albums and releasing a cult-hit feature film.

In 1982, actor John Belushi passed away from a drug overdose at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, putting the fate of The Blues Brothers into question.

Since then, actor Dan Aykroyd has tirelessly kept the legacy of those characters going in various concert formats featuring guest artists, including a sequel to the original Blues Brothers movie called, Blues Brothers 2000.

Now, thirty two years after their national debut, Dan Aykroyd, together with the blessing and support of Judy Belushi and The Belushi Estate, have passed the torch, officially sanctioning a new generation of performers to step into the shoes of the legendary bluesmen, Jake and Elwood. (more…)

Industry Veteran Melhuish Launches Unique Music Business School April 6, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Education, electronic music industry, Entertainment Industry.
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Music industry veteran and established educator Steve Melhuish is launching a new concept for music business education in the UK. His Music Business School will offer intensive fast track courses covering all practical aspects of the business to professionals seeking to build their knowledge. Teaching starts on Wednesday 26th May.

The unique course, Music Business Fast Track, distills into 12 day-long classes the knowledge a conventional Commercial Music BA course teaches about music business and management. Dispensing with knob-twiddling and song-writing lessons, Melhuish’s course focuses on up-to-date issues within the music business, with lectures on the digital age, mobile and the new ways of building fans and developing revenue streams offered by the DIY model.


BBM Analytics And Nielsen BDS Announce Radio Alliance March 3, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Data Management, Entertainment Industry, Online Radio.
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BBM Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBM Canada, and The Nielsen Company, a global information and media company, have announced a new data and information services agreement to provide Canadian radio with the best qualities that these two powerful brands have to offer.

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