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The 29th Annual International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalists Announced (A Long List) February 1, 2013

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The semi-finalists are:

Blues Hall
5:00 Grand River Blues Society-Brendan J Stephens (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 Pomeroy Blues + Jazz Society-Pett Crow (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 France Blues-Oliver Gotti
7:00 Columbus Blues Alliance-Micah Kesselring
7:40 Washington Blues Society-Randy Norris & Jeff Nicely
8:20 Spa City Blues Society-Salt & Pepper
9:00 Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania-John “JT” Thompson & Andy Tolins
9:40 Connecticut Blues Society-Steve Balkun
10:20 Slovakblues-Lubos Bena & Charlie Slavik

Dancing Jimmy’s
5:00 Connecticut Blues Society-The Bobby Paltauf Experience (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 River Basin Blues Society-Hunter Konopasek (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Baltic Blues-Abi Wallenstein & Martin Roettger
7:00 Topeka Blues Society-Rachelle Coba
7:40 Illinois Central Blues Club-Robert Sampson
8:20 Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival-Thom Swift
9:00 Massachusetts Blues Society-Satoru Nakagawa
9:40 Toronto Blues Society-Suzie Vinnick
10:20 Houston Blues Society-John Egan

King’s Palace
5:00 Colorado Blues Society-JT & The Thunderbolts (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 Steel City Blues Society-Riley Road (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Detroit Blues Society-Sweet Willie Tea
7:00 Edmonton Blues Society-Graham Guest
7:40 Kansas City Blues Society-Shinetop n Hudspeth
8:20 The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society-Gary Applegate
9:00 Dutch Blues Foundation-Robbert Fossen & Peter Struijk
9:40 Grand River Blues Society-Brendan J. Stephens
10:20 Sydney Blues Society-Doggn It

Silky O’Sullivan’s
4:20 Baltimore Blues Society-Bear Hutchinson (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:00 Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania-Shailen Abram (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 Boston Blues Society-Erin Harpe & Richard “Rosy” Rosenblatt
6:20 Gulf Coast Blues Society -Johnny Barbato & Dwight Everett
7:00 Atlanta Blues Society-Little G Weevil
7:40 Barcelona Blues Society-Suitcase Brothers
8:20 Memphis Blues Society-Little Boys Blue
9:00 North East Ohio Blues Association -Colin John
9:40 Blues Society of Tulsa-Wink Burcham & Kurt “Frenchie” Nielsen

5:40 Cincy Blues Society-AbsoluteValue (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Phoenix Blues Society-The V-Knights (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Minnesota Blues Society-Crankshaft & the Gear Grinders
7:40 Cincy Blues Society-Noah Wotherspoon Band
8:20 Blues Society of the Ozarks-Mojo Roots
9:00 Mojo Station-Davide Pannozzo & Loud Stuff
9:40 The Golden Gate Blues Society-HowellDevine

B.B. King’s
5:00 Arkansas River Blues Society-The Beckham Brothers (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 Natchel Blues Network-Carbon Jam (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Blues Society of Western New York-Dive House Union
7:00 Central Mississippi Blues Society-Jarekus Singleton Band
7:40 Columbus Blues Alliance-Mark May & the Soul Satyr Horns
8:20 Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale-Ghost Town Blues Band
9:00 Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society-Andrea Marr Band
9:40 Toronto Blues Society-Shrimp Daddy & the Sharpshooters

Blues City Cafe
5:40 Indiana Blues Society-The Sad Sam Blues Jam (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Houston Blues Society-Texas 99 (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Washington Blues Society-Sammy Eubanks
7:40 Bruce County Blues Society-MacKenzie Blues Band
8:20 Magic City Blues Society-DieDra & the Ruff Pro Band
9:00 Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola-All Night Long Blues Band
9:40 Grafton Blues Association-Alex Wilson Band

Club 152 1st Floor
5:40 Illinois Central Blues Club-Fedor & The Power Trio (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Philippine Blues Society-Electric Sala (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Detroit Blues Society-Lady Sunshine & the X Band
7:40 Israel Blues Society-Ori Naftaly Band
8:20 Vicksburg Blues Society-Mr. Sipp & Kin Folk
9:00 Houston Blues Society-Brad Absher & Swamp Royale
9:40 Polish Blues Association-Blues Nightshift
10:20 Phoenix Blues Society-Sugar Thieves

Hard Rock Cafe
5:40 Atlanta Blues Society-38th Parallel (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Second Story Blues Alliance -The Zion Fritzinger Band (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 River City Blues Society (IL)-Jimmy Nick & Don’t Tell Mama
7:40 Dutch Blues Foundation-Sugar Boy & the Sinners
8:20 Nashville Blues Society-Rickey Godfrey Band
9:00 German Blues Network-Michael van Merwyk & Bluesoul
9:40 South Sound Blues Association-Blues Redemption

New Daisy Theater
5:00 DC Blues Society-The UnXpected (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
5:40 Croatian Blues Forces-4 TOWN BLUES BAND (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Nashville Blues Society-Cumberland Blue (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Sacramento Blues Society-Used Blues Band
7:40 Illinois Central Blues Club-Back Pack Jones
8:20 Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society-Laurie Morvan Band
9:00 The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society-Tee Dee Young
9:40 Windy City Blues Society-Kevin Purcell & the Nightburners
10:20 Lehigh Valley Blues Network-Maria Woodford Band

Rum Boogie Cafe
5:40 Los Angeles Blues Society-Chase Walker Band (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale, Mississippi-Southern Halo (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Decatur Blues Society-Blues Expressions
7:40 Croatian Blues Forces-Delta Blues Gang
8:20 West Virginia Blues Society-Mojo Theory
9:00 Blues Society of Tulsa-Dustin Pittsley Band
9:40 South Florida Blues Society-Joel DaSilva & the Midnight Howl

Flynn’s (Superior Bar)
6:20 Kentucky Blues Society-MO’ PIE (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 Black Swamp Blues Society-New Blues Street Project (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:40 Colorado Blues Society-Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band w/ Erica Brown
8:20 San Angelo Blues Society-Mike Milligan & the Altar Boyz
9:00 Natchel Blues Network-Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos
9:40 River Basin Blues Society-Boscoe France Band
10:20 Charlotte Blues Society-The Cazanovas

Wet Willie’s
5:40 Detroit Blues Society-The Deals (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
6:20 Blues Lovers United of San Diego-Wyatt Lowe & The Youngbloods (YOUTH SHOWCASE)
7:00 North East Ohio Blues Association-Brighter Side Band
7:40 White Rock Blues Society-Poppa Dawg
8:20 Suncoast Blues Society-Selwyn Birchwood Band
9:00 European Blues Union-Meena Cryle & Chris Fillmore Band
9:40 Voodoo Blues Krewe New Orleans Blues Society-Jonathon “Boogie” Long & the Blues Revolution


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