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Free Outdoor Screening of “Thunder Soul” November 13th November 10, 2010

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What: Free Outdoor Screening of “Thunder Soul”
WHERE: Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney, Houston, Texas
WHEN: WHEN: Saturday, November 13th 6:45pm 6:45pm (dusk)

Followed by a live performance of the Kashmere Reunion Stage Band!

Great documentary of Houston’s legendary Kashmere Stage Band and the beloved man of steel behind it, Prof. Conrad Johnson! This was a HUGE hit with audiences at the SXSW Film Festival and every festival in which it has been screened.

Inspired by the NPR piece of the re-release of the CD compilation “Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974”: “In 2007,” begins Thunder Soul director Mark Landsman, “I’m listening to NPR, and this music came on – this powerful, driving, huge funk sound.”

David Brown from KUT in Austin, who was doing the report, came on and said, ‘Can you believe those are high school students from Houston, Texas, circa 1971?’ The hair on my arms raised up.” As most of you know, the competition stage band blew everyone out of the water for over 10 years!

At first, judges didn’t know what to make of the kids from Kashmere in their platform shoes and matching crushed-velvet suits. Their impeccably choreographed moves were more James Brown than high school big band, and the music was often an original funk composition by Johnson himself.

But KSB was soon winning national championships, and a larger-than-life reputation as undefeatable. For 10 years, even with constant changes in the lineup as kids graduated, KSB was considered by some to be not only the nation’s best stage band, but one of the best funk bands – period.

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