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Henry Grimes’s Month of 75th Birthdays at the Stone in New York City! October 28, 2010

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Henry Grimes, NYC, 2OO9, photo by Carmen Pendleton

The great acoustic bassist, violinist, and poet Henry Grimes continues his very active schedule of concerts, touring, and education with an informal month-long residency at the concert space called the Stone, northwest corner of Ave. C and 2nd St. in Manhattan, http://www.thestonenyc.com/calendar.php, playing various sets of music with many of his favorite musicians during the month. At the invitation of Stone proprietor John Zorn, Henry and Margaret Grimes curated the space for November, Henry’s 75th-birthday month, and many of those booked asked to have Henry join them in their sets, creating a challenging and thrilling opportunity for him to play in an extended series in a select New York City spot with musicians (and a poet) he truly admires.

Is this a rough road for a 75-year-old? No, says Henry: He only tires when he stops playing music. And how blissful to get a break from endless travel and be able to stay at home and still be playing lots of concerts!

Henry wants to celebrate not just his own upcoming concerts, but those of all the musicians playing at the Stone in November, so here, in brief, is the complete November schedule. For details about the musicians — and they are a fascinating assortment — please see short bios at http://www.thestonenyc.com/calendar.php and / or their individual Web sites:

11/1 Monday
Stone Seminar: Jeff “Tain” Watts workshop (open to all)
7 to 9 pm, $2O

11/2 Tuesday
8 pm, $1O
Juini Booth (bass)
1O pm, $1O
Stacy Dillard (saxophones) with Diallo House (bass) and Ismail Lawal (drums)

11/3 Wednesday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Henry Grimes’s 75th birthday
Henry Grimes (acoustic bass, violin, poetry) with Edward “Kidd” Jordan (tenor saxophone)
http://www.henrygrimes.com, http://www.allaboutjazz.com/kiddjordan
[NOTE: Food and drinks aren’t allowed at the Stone, but in celebration of Henry’s 75th birthday, after the two sets of music, musicians and ticket-holders will convene at a late-night area restaurant to be announced (Dutch treat!).]

11/4 Thursday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
G. Calvin Weston Group, tribute to Ornette Coleman and Free Jazz
G. Calvin Weston (drums, keyboards, trumpet) Ed Ricart (guitar) Tom Spiker (bass) Billy Martin (percussion, drums)

11/5 Friday
8 and 1O pm, $15/ set
Harriet Tubman
Brandon Ross (guitar) Melvin Gibbs (bass guitar) J.T. Lewis (drums)

11/6 Saturday
8 pm, $15
Vincent Chancey’s Phat Chance
Vincent Chancey (French horn) Steve Bloom (guitar) Jeremy Carlstedt (drums)
1O pm, $1O
Laura Kahle (pocket trumpet) with Radu Ben Judah (bass) and Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums)

11/7 Sunday
8 pm, $2O
Mark Dresser and Henry Grimes
http://www.mark-dresser.com, http://www.henrygrimes.com.
1O pm, $1O
Matana Roberts (alto saxophone) with Ches Smith (drums)

11/8 Monday
7-1O pm, $2O
Stone Seminar: Mark Dresser bass explorations workshop for bassists

11/9 Tuesday
8 pm, $1O
Edwin Torres (poetry) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin) and Ernesto Gomez (harmonica)
1O pm, $1O
Ismail Lawal (drums)

11/1O Wednesday
8 pm, $15
Carmen Staaf (piano, accordion) with Kendall Eddy (acoustic bass) and Austin McMahon (drums)
1O pm, $2O
Carmen Staaf (piano, accordion) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin)

11/11 Thursday
8 and 1O pm, $1O/ set
Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

11/12 Friday
8 pm, $1O
Audrey Chen (solo cello, voice, electronics)
1O pm, $2O
Henry Grimes’s Sublime Communication Trio
Henry Grimes (bass, violin) Andrew Lamb (reeds, flutes, woodwinds, perc) Newman Taylor Baker (drums, perc)

11/13 Saturday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Marc Medwin (piano) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

11/14 Sunday
8 pm, $15
Lisa Sokolov (solo piano, voice)
1O pm, $15
Jay Clayton (solo voice, electronics) with Jerry Granelli (drums)

11/15 Monday
7-9 p.m., $2O
Henry Grimes workshop (open to all)

11/16 Tuesday
8 pm, $1O
Salim Washington (saxophones) with Melanie Dyer (viola) and Henry Grimes (bass, violin)
1O pm, $1O
Salim Washington (saxophones) with Juini Booth (bass) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

11/17 Wednesday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin) and Scott Robinson (reeds)

11/18 Thursday
8 pm, $1O
Newman Taylor Baker (solo drums): “Singin’ Drums”
1O pm, $1O
Andrew Bemkey (piano, clarinets) with Newman Taylor Baker (drums)

11/19 Friday
8 pm, $1O
Mixashawn (Lee Rozie) with William Hooker: “Jah Emidy”
1O pm, $1O
Mixashawn (Lee Rozie) (spoken word, saxophones, flutes, berimbau, voice, percussion) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin): “Live from Downtown Atlantis”

11/2O Saturday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Come down and help The Stone stay afloat with its monthly improv concert!

11/21 Sunday
8 pm, $15
Connie Crothers (piano) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin)http://www.conniecrothers.net
1O pm, $1O
Connie Crothers (piano) with Richard Tabnik (alto saxophone) Roy Campbell, Jr. (trumpets) Ken Filiano (bass) Roger Mancuso (drums)

11/22 Monday
7- 9 pm, $2O
Connie Crothers—Stone Seminar: spontaneous improvisation workshop, lecture / Q&A (open to all)

11/23 Tuesday
8 pm, $1O
Marc Ribot (solo guitars, voice)
1O pm, $2O
Marc Ribot (guitars, voice) Trio with Henry Grimes (bass, violin) and Chad Taylor (drums)

11/24 Wednesday
8 pm, $1O
Gino Sitson (solo)
1O pm, $1O
Ken Filiano (bass) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin)

11/25 Thursday
Closed for Thanksgiving

11/26 Friday
8 pm, $1O
Charles Burnham (violin)
1O pm, $15
Scott Robinson (contrabass, saxes, theremin, sonic devices) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, EVI), Pat O’Leary (cello, bass and sonic devices), Kevin Norton (vibraphone, drums, percussion), and Henry Grimes (bass, violin)

11/27 Saturday
8 and 1O pm, $15/ set
Andrew Lamb and The Moving Form: Andrew Lamb (reeds, flutes, woodwinds, perc), Tom Abbs (bass, tuba, perc), Warren Smith and Michael Wimberly (drums, perc), Will Halsey (spoken word, perc), and Jimmy James Greene (spontaneous visual art, flute)

11/28 Sunday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Odean Pope (saxophones) with Henry Grimes (bass and violin) and Craig McIver (drums)

11/29 Monday
7-9 pm, $2O (open to all)

Stone Seminar: Harriet Tubman Trio workshop Brandon Ross (guitars) Melvin Gibbs (bass guitar) J.T. Lewis (drums)

11/3O Tuesday
8 and 1O pm, $2O/ set
Zim Ngqawana (saxophones, flute) with Henry Grimes (bass, violin) and Andrew Cyrille (drums)

* * * * *

Thanks very much!
For the music,
Margaret Davis Grimes
musicmargaret@earthlink.net or grimestimes@earthlink.net,


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