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Fillmore East / Capitol Theatre Innovator Pig Light Show Resurfaces With Spectacular New Visuals October 7, 2010

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When You Simply Don’t Have the Imagination to Cobble Together a Stage Show, Call An Electrician.

Gray, ME – The music world is turned-on once again with the resurfacing of psychedelic light show innovator Marc Rubinstein and his Pig Light Show, which thrilled and amazed concert goers of the Fillmore East in NY and the Capitol Theatre in NJ in the late ’60s and early ‘70s.

Behind legendary music artists and bands like the Grateful Dead, Mountain, Jethro Tull, Santana, Grand Funk, Chicago, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, the Allman Brothers and many, many others, Pig Light Show’s visuals were like nothing ever seen before and since – as Mark Hudson, producer for Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith, exclaims, “I don’t need drugs…all I have to do is watch Pig Light Show and I’m as high as I want to be!”

Ana Popovic to Release a Brand New Live DVD on December 7, 2010 “An Evening At Trasimeno Lake: Live From The Heart Of Italy” October 7, 2010

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Europe’s hottest guitar player just got hotter!

Back in 2008, Jazz News boldly described guitar player, singer, songwriter Ana Popovic as “Proof that the re-incarnation of Jimi Hendrix is a woman”. Ana, a big fan of Jimi, was naturally honored but laughed and said, “There’s only one Jimi, just like there’s only one Stevie Ray Vaughan.”

Ana was right of course, but with her unique blend of blues, tinged with jazz, funk and rock there is also only one Ana Popovic.
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Caron ‘Sugaray’ Rayford–of Aunt Kizzy’z Boyz Fame– New CD Hits the Airwaves October 7, 2010

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That first note on that guitar sets the mood. You anticipate what’s about to happen, but you really can’t describe what your body goes through while the anticipation builds and you begin to sweat – your heart begins to beat faster. Then, at that very moment, you hear that guitar sing to you, in that deep drawl style. Your heart begins to slow and keep tempo with that signature sound called the Blues. This is Caron ‘Sugaray” Rayford. This is what his audience goes through right from the start. It’s a sound that is his own. It’s a sound that can’t be denied. It’s a sound that only HE can deliver. To understand Caron ‘Sugaray’ Rayford, you would need to go back to the beginning to better understand who he is today.

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Sol & Funk Root Perform at the Charlottesville Music Showcase on Wednesday October 13 October 7, 2010

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Sol & Funk Root perform as part of the Charlottesville Music Showcase Concert Series on Wednesday October 13.

Sol is a world class guitarist and vocalist who creates a stylish blend of fiery rock, deep blues, and raw funk and draws from an incredible background of musical touring. Sol has performed around the world with roots, funk, and blues legends and has backed up musical heavyweights such as Taj Mahal and Kenny Wayne Shepherd on stage and in the studio.
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Interview: Sol (Now of Funk Root) I’m A Sol-Man October 7, 2010

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“This is another in the line of lost interviews I did a while ago, lost when my hard-drive froze up and my computer crashed. Somehow, my ISP found these interviews saved to some dark recesses. I share them now with you.” David W. King

How far can you take the Blues and still respect the roots? Loving all music that has spirit and heart has lead Sol to experiment and appreciate a wide variety of music styles. He has soaked in jazz, funk, reggae, rock, Latin, and many other styles. The results can best be termed, “Blue Rasta Funk”, or “Heavy Groove”  Yet, Sol approaches them from his blues roots.  

Born the son of John Creech, who used to perform with Guitar Gabriel and Tim Duffy (founder of Music Maker Relief Foundation) as part of the Brothers in the Kitchen, all of the Music Maker blues artists are family to him. He’s learned how the root of most American music styles stem from the blues and this is something that he respects.
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