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Interview: Rick “BlueRick” Solomon Rocking the Blues on the Net September 16, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Blues, Interview.

You may recognize Rick “BlueRick” Solomon, under one of the many aliases he has adopted if you spend any amount of time exploring blues guitarists on the web. He did this initially to gain a wider internet recognition, although as of the past several years, he has been known almost exclusively as BlueRick. It’s on the net that he does most of his business.

But he has not restricted himself to the web. BlueRick also demo’s guitars for various manufacturers…and performs in jazz pickup bands and blues ensembles during the scheduled performances. He also performs as a solo acoustic/electric act.

Rick “BlueRick” Solomon gave us this interview, where else–but on the web.

You operate under about as many aliases as you play instruments. Do you find this adds to or distracts from becoming established as an artist?
BR:I did this at first to gain wider internet recognition and perhaps more sales on the internet where I do most of my business. But I must admit that for the several years I’ve been known exclusively as BlueRick.

” (I) market my brand of the blues through my website…and through several other music sites I maintain artist pages….I’m on at least twenty others besides …gotta spread yourself out to get noticed…”

Over the course of years you have performed, you have served as an online studio musician backing a number of different artists. With whom have you played and on what releases can we hear you.

BR: Yes, over the years I have worked as a studio musician, sometimes online, sometimes in commercial facilities with local acts such as Smokin’ Guns, Lisa Roma, the Bobby Kyle Blues Band to name but a few.

I got my start many years ago playing briefly as a substitute rhythm guitar player for The Brooklyn Bridge, with whom I went to college. For a while I worked cutting commercials. Then I played in a number of cover bands until I was recruited into my first blues band in 1990…and discovered what a pure form of music it was and is. 

I also developed into a solo acoustic singer/songwriter…which is primarily what I am these days.

While I have recorded with many artists, very few of them actually achieved any real commercial success. I’ve actually done much better as a solo recording artist and performer.

The one instrument you are noted for is the guitar. How many different guitars do you own? Can you tell us what you play?
BR: I own over thirty guitars. I own several bass guitars. But I also own and play synthesizers. I have my own studio and so I’m able to cover every aspect of the music that I produce…so I write, arrange, play, sing, record, engineer, and market my brand of the blues through my website…www.bluerick.com and through several other music sites, like musicforte.com/bluerick and numberonemusic.com/bluerick where I maintain artist pages. And I’m on at least twenty others besides…gotta spread yourself out to get noticed…
And since you asked, I favor my Gibson Blues Hawk with the whammy bar, my Fender Tele, and my Gibson Les Paul Studio. For bass I prefer my Fender Precision bass. For acoustic work I like my Martin 000-15 with the Gibson Thinline pickup special installed and a big bodied old Taylor also with a Gibson Thinline pickup, also custom installed. Oh…and I like Fender heavy picks.
Have you offered instruction/demonstrations at a number of guitar expos? Where have you instructed?
BR:  No, I don’t offer instruction at the guitar shows I work at. I actually demo guitars for various manufacturers…and I perform in jazz pickup bands and blues ensembles during the scheduled performances listed…and I perform as a solo acoustic/electric act.  
Where can we hear you perform?

BR: Well, there’s supposed to be a guitar show and expo on Long Island sometime in May I believe, and if there is, then I’ll be playing and demo-ing (is that a word?) guitars there. I also do street fairs, so look for me to perform at any of the larger ones scheduled in the spring, summer and fall on Long Island and in Queens. I believe I am booked for the Huntington Blues Festival next fall. I played it last year and had a great time.
Other than that I jam with the groups I listed above whenever they invite me to sit in…which is something I take great pleasure in doing.
HEY…I just got this great review from an internet music site critic and I feel like bragging so I’m including a copy for your readers here….
GIGOOTZ.COM MUSIC REVIEW of the artist BlueRick
Reviewer: Denise Acirema
January 22, 2009, MST, 4:51am
Song: ‘Words lost in the Wind’
Artist: BlueRick
The Recording Quality: Good Recording
The Vocals: Great Sounding Vocals!
Rate The Musicianship: MOVE OVER GREAT ONES!
This isn’t New York Blues no matter where the singer hails from. New York blues are jazzy, modern, fog-covered streets in the night. These tracks remind me of juke joints, railroads and homemade whiskey. This is real low-down Delta blues style music with a hint of JP Richardson thrown in. If reincarnation is a reality then “The Big Bopper” and Robert Johnson have merged souls to create Rick Solomon. Nothing epitomizes Johnson like the tracks “Access Denied”, “ain’t NOTHIN’ you can do” “Lost Soul Blues” and “Bad Days Blues”, while “Sellin Whales” exemplifies Richardson. Rick has a talent for changing his voice to suit the environment he wishes to create. Crossing old school blues with a rock & roll is apparent in many of these songs. The vocals are haunting, passionate and intense. Soulful and serious, he reminds us of where good music was born. The standout track, “Words Lost in The Wind” brings this passion to the forefront. Rick has brought back the roots of music. They just don’t do the blues like this anymore and it is pleasure to know it’s alive and kickin’. For anyone wanting a taste of the real thing, this is without a doubt, “The Blues”. …. Denise Acirema
Well…that’s it…I hope I answered everything. I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me in this unique fashion. So…keep a steady beat…

BlueRick’s Youtube Channel:

BlueRick’s Myspace page:

BlueRick’s Linkedin Page


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