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DEAD CELLO LIVES! September 13, 2010

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Von Cello has finally done it! He created a solo cello suite based on the music of the Grateful Dead and it has just been published! This is the first time the Grateful Dead’s music has been made available as sheet music for performance by a solo instrument in a classical style. Alan Trist, the Dead’s publisher told Aaron Minsky (Von Cello), “There is more to come in this field and you have paved the way”.

Dead Cello is in print and available! And you can order it here:
On the page you can hear sample audio clips and see sample pages from the book.


Whether or not you play the cello, you can hear Dead Cello on CD!

Click to buy CDs or books from Von Cello:



What better way to celebrate Dead Cello than to watch the Von Cello Band play Truckin’ at the NYC Marathon? Enjoy!



(The endpin is the metal piece attached to the bottom of
the cello, so in this final section I will pin some final thoughts.)

Dead Cello will never die! Why am I so convinced? Because of two things: the popularity of the Dead and the popularity of the Bach
Cello Suites. For 300 years the suites by Bach have been a dominant feature of the cello repertoire, embossing the concept of the cello suite in the minds of music lovers around the world. The Dead have held an almost sacred position in the world of rock. Their experiment in maintaining an eclectic improvising independent band was one of the most influential in modern music history. Taking these two powerful currents and forging them together makes a statement that will surely live on… and on…

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