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Vinyl LP Manufacturing Continues to Increase September 4, 2010

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania Vinyl LP has made a comeback in recent years and so are companies manufacturing them. SoundStage Direct, an online independent record store, is a witness to this marvel.

Most discs manufactured are 12-inch singles destined for professional DJs at radio stations and dance clubs who still use vinyl records and turntables to mix, scratch, and blend music. The allure of the classic vinyl is described by audiophiles who have been collecting vinyl records over the years as “richer,” “warmer,” “more natural,” “more durable,” “better bass,” and simply “cooler.”

Prompted by hip hop, dance, and punk rock records, vinyl LP manufacturers have seen a 25 percent upturn in vinyl record production in the last few years. This is because record labels use vinyl LPs as a marketing tool to get their new track out there. As a result, more and more musicians are releasing their latest recordings in both vinyl and CD.

In general, a vinyl LP manufacturer will press four versions of the same song: a radio and club mix, as well as an instrumental and a cappella version so DJs can mix and manipulate the sound. It will also include a large catalog of high-definition of vinyl reissues of the 1960’s, classic rock bands, as well as newer rock bands.

The growing demand of vinyl LPs has saved music stores from extinction by adding used and new vinyl records and refurbished turntables to its selection, and urges others to include an extensive inventory of vinyl records in their stores.

If you want to experience the indescribable joy of taking a vinyl record out of its sleeve, gazing at the album cover, and playing the record through one side and flipping it over, SoundStage Direct offers the largest collection of new releases and vinyl reissues online.

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About Author:

SoundStage Direct, LLC is an online independent store based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. SSD has the largest selection of new releases and vinyl reissues online. And you don’t want to miss amazing closeout deals available at our LP outlet! We have vinyl LPs in every genre and in a variety of formats available ready to be shipped at your doorstep. http://www.soundstagedirect.com


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