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“Assault of the Sasquatch” Comes To DVD October 19 August 18, 2010

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Synthetic Cinema and Chiller Network Announce “Monster Mash-up” Contest

Synthetic Cinema International and MVD Visual are pleased to announce the release of Assault of the Sasquatch for North Americandistribution on October 19, 2010.

SYNOPSIS: When a merciless bear poacher is caught and arrested deep in the woods of a state park, he and his truck are taken to a neglected precinct in the heart of a dying city. Unbeknownst to the authorities, the impounded truck holds a deadly cargo in the form of the legendary Sasquatch. Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world, the creature will let nothing and no one stop it from coming face-to-face with the unscrupulous man who ruthlessly ripped it from its environment. Taking an inventive and action packed approach, “Sasquatch Assault” breaths new and exciting life into the immortal legend of Bigfoot.

MAIN CAST: Kevin Shea, Greg Nutcher, Sarah Ahearn, Cristina Santiago, Jason Criscoulo, Andrea Saenz, Alex Exum, Cuyle Carvin and featuring “Don & Murph”.

Quote from John Doolan (Screenwriter): “The concept sounds insanely over-the-top,” he admits, “but I saw an opportunity to do something different in a Bigfoot movie. They’re all pretty much the same thing: A group of people head out into the woods and get attacked by a half-human monster. What sets Assualt of the Sasquatch apart is that, first of all, it takes place in a city. And second, the creature isn’t just some bloodthirsty killing machine. We wanted it to have more humanlike qualities in addition to its animal instincts. The reason it attacks is because it’s provoked, and feels the need to defend itself. Not to fear, though, blood lovers-there are still plenty of creative deaths.”


Link to Purchase:

Chiller and Synthetic Cinema International are also partnering to recognize the nation’s top short-form horror filmmaking talent. The “Monster-Mash-Up” film competition offers filmmakers and monster lovers alike an opportunity to have their creative and thrilling short films nationally broadcast on the Chiller Network. Contest entries will be accepted from August 15, 2010 through October 8, 2010. Entries must be one to three minutes in length.

Prospective filmmakers should:

– Submit their Monster Mash-Ups via YouTube as a video response to the “Synthetic Cinema’s Monster Mash-Up” Commercial.

– Mail a high-res, broadcast-quality copy to Synthetic Cinema on a data DVD as a Quicktime file or MPEG-4 in either high definition or standard definition.

Synthetic Cinema and Chiller will select winners. The criteria will be storytelling skill, originality, creativity, and monster mayhem.

National TV Spot:

Complete details at http://www.syntheticcinema.com


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