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FUGA Adds Digital Video Management To Platform April 21, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.

Lady Gaga’s have clocked up over a billion views, OK Go’s launched them into the public’s consciousness and for many they have become the dominant medium for consuming music. We are of course talking about music videos and in the digital age they are more important than ever.

With a growing variety of video on-demand services and the wide spread usage of hand held devices capable of playing video content, music videos provide a huge boost to an act’s profile and can also provide a significant revenue stream for rights holders.

Recognizing this, content management and delivery platform FUGA has fully integrated music video delivery into their service. Rights holders can now upload and deliver encoded music videos using the same intuitive FUGA user interface they use for their audio content. Having revolutionized how labels manage their digital audio releases, FUGA are again leading the way in streamlining the management of digital video content.

Eliminating the need for content providers to submit videos via FTP drops and reducing time consuming email exchanges regarding the status of the video delivery process, labels will again be able to dedicate more time to marketing their releases than administering them.

Initially FUGA will deliver video content to iTunes, YouTube and Muzu tv with more services to be announced soon.

Said Bas Kruijssen, Black Hole Recordings, “The new video delivery service in FUGA has enabled us to send our music video’s over to iTunes and YouTube in the blink of an eye. The distribution of music video’s using FUGA is now just as easy as it is for audio releases. FUGA offers an automated system that saves us time which we can now invest in promoting our products”

Said Rebecca Driessen, FUGA: “Having the video workflow intuitively integrated into FUGA enables labels to quickly reach their online audience with video content. We expect the ability to use FUGA to easily submit videos for iTunes certified encoding and delivery as well as delivering videos to specific YouTube channels will be of considerable value to the content providers using FUGA to manage their digital operation.

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