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Never Mind The Boxset: The Album Post-iTunes April 6, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Digital Formats, Record stores.
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The University of Westminster’s music business network MusicTank have announced their latest think tank ‘Never Mind The Boxset: The Album Post-iTunes’.

Faced with a double whammy of illegal downloaders and those who have adopted a pick n’ mix attitude to purchasing, albums are facing not only a drop in unit sales but in average price too, to an average ¬£8.

Still while the likes of Ash and Radiohead are turning their back on the format, many are finding successful new ways of revitalizing it. New digital formats such as iTunes LP and MusicDNA are bundling the music with a whole host of additional content.

The digital world – with its unlimited shelf space – has also enabled innovation in the physical world, with labels increasingly keeping their back catalog alive with re-mastered editions, anniversary editions, and special bonus discs complete with studio outtakes and demo versions.

Record stores, both on- and offline, are striking deals with labels for exclusive bonus material, and vinyl continues to defy the doom mongers with a whole new market in deluxe, expensive editions, and labels such as Warp offering free downloads or bundled CDs with every vinyl purchase.

So will the album be reborn, or is it increasingly going to be better to release individual quality singles as and when they’re made? To help answer this question, MusicTank will hearing from those who believe that technology, design, and marketing can provide a shot in the arm to the format as well as those who have turned their back on the album altogether. Speakers include Universal’s new consultant on Catalogue and Box Sets, Paul Conroy, formally President of Virgin Records, with more names to be announced soon.

Event Details
Date: 20th May
Time: 18:30 to 21:00
Venue: The Basement, PRS for Music, Copyright House
29-33 Berners Street, London, W1T 3AB
Website: http://www.musictank.co.uk


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