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Guguchu Launches Innovative Web Apps For Bands At SXSW March 24, 2010

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Guguchu, the provider of easy to use rich web apps for bands, attracts the attention of bands, artist managers and indie labels with the public launch of its platform at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Guguchu supports and encourages full integration with existing communication and retail channels thereby removing the complexity of handling multiple online services at once.

When bands sign up to Guguchu, they can quickly find and book new gigs, communicate with their fans through all major social networks and customized newsletters, review vital statistics about their fans and success across the Web and sell albums through its online retail store leaving artists with 100% of the transaction value less Paypal cost.

“Guguchu makes the lives of bands, artist managers and indie labels so much easier by allowing them to manage all their gig booking, fan engagement and communication from one place. The launch of the basic platform already equips them with a powerful set of easy to use tools and makes Guguchu essentially the hub for all online promotional activities”, said CEO and co-founder John Farrugia.

“Over the coming weeks, we will engage in a frequent release cycle, which will allow bands and their managers and labels to know who their fans are, where they are, and how valuable they are as fans across the Web, enabling targeted marketing and fan engagement. We are also integrating the platform with all major online retail channels in order to maximise the bands’ monetization opportunities”, said COO and co-founder Bernd Strenitz.


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