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The Authority Debut With Several Thousand Paid Downloads In First Week Of RBN March 18, 2010

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.

Music gaming pioneer Harmonix, creators of the hugely successful game Rock Band, are pushing the envelope of both the music and gaming industries with the March 4th opening of the Rock Band Network and The Authority is right there beside them. The Rock Band Network (RBN) is a new online marketplace that gives any band the ability to sell its tracks via download in the top-selling Rock Band video game. The Authority is an independent company that provides the service of morphing music into games specifically for RBN. This complicated technical process is known as “song authoring”. At store launch, The Authority had authored 10% of RBN’s total songs and have logged several thousand downloads in the first week alone.

“The Authority’s motto ‘Made By Musicians, for Musicians,’ represents our dedication to high quality song authoring, exciting game play and innovative creative direction.”- Matthew Ellard President, The Authority

“RBN has leveled the playing field and given everyone of every genre a chance, and is giving the consumer/the fan/the gamer, the ultimate power to decide what THEY want to listen to/play along with.” -Harmonix Press Release


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