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Royalty Free Music And Background Music Library CSS Music Adds New Volumes And New File Format Downloads February 24, 2010

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Los Angeles-based CSS Music, a leading royalty free music, sound effects and background music library has released six new CD volumes and 222 downloadable tracks. Also new from CSS Music is a new .mp3 320kbs format for its Instant Download CD Service, Q-Disc.

CSS Music, a royalty free music, background music and sound effects library, announces its release of six new CD volumes of production music, along with 222 downloadable tracks for film, video and television production. The new volumes are mostly rock with one jazz album addition to the firm’s Repro-file™ library called “Jazz Gems”.

“We decided to kick off the new decade with a bang with some bleeding edge rock. Each volume is a different take on the genre with many shades and colors. While these rock tracks were designed for use in all forms of AV/video content, they were actively inspired, if not actually demanded, by our TV Producer clients,” says CSS Music President, Mike Fuller, of the new releases. A partial listing of CSS Music clients can be found on the library’s Web site.

The five royalty free rock volumes are titled “Big Burning Rock”, “Rock & Rebellion III”, “Vocal Rock”, “Rock Shots”, and “Relationship Rock”.

“When it comes to rock, these discs and downloads really deliver the goods, especially ‘Big Burning Rock (Super Themes® Vol 65) and ‘Rock & Rebellion III’ (Super Themes® Vol 66) by noted film composer David Wurst. Powertrax® Vol 26 ‘Vocal Rock’ punches through with full blown songs along with non-vocal rhythm and alternative mixes. ‘Rock Shots’ (Target Trax™ Vol 51) re-visits hot rock sounds of the last 5 years while ‘Relationship Rock’ (Target Trax™ Vol 52) is a softer more thoughtful album with a few surprises,” Fuller says.

CSS Music also has announced a new .mp3 320kbs delivery format for its Instant CD Download product, Q-Disc™. Q-Disc allows environmentally- conscious consumers to download the CD volumes they need and forgo the plastic. For those more focused on the bottom line, Q-Discs cost less than physical shippable compact discs and are sold without sales tax, duty or shipping cost. “This is the best an .mp3 file can sound. Smooth, crisp, clean with a noticeable amount of ‘air’ in the presentation,” Fuller says. “We also offer .mp3 160kbs and so it essentially boils down to Fast Download Speed and very near CD quality vs. Somewhat Slower Download Speed and super close to CD quality. No bad moves here but if you’ve got the time, we’ve got a little extra quality for you. Enjoy!”


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