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Empress MultiMedia Inc Launch Online Distribution System For Artist, Producers, And Labels February 9, 2010

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Email: nealkelley@empressmultimedia.com
Website: http://www.empressmultimedia.com/
Empress MultiMedia Inc has launched a revolutionary new website that will allow artist to promote, distribute, and sell their music using a low cost prepaid scratch off card. Artist can track demographics, sales, and market penetration. Services currently offered and in development are Empress Media Cards, Empress Ring Tone service, Empress Blast, and Empress Live.

Any Artist can use this service. There is no A&R process. Artist order the Empress Media cards from Empress MultiMedia,

Empress MultiMedia Inc launch online distribution system for indepent artist, producers, and record labels.

Our News
Empress MultiMedia Inc launch online distribution system for independent artist,… supply the artwork, and music. Artist artwork is on the front of the card, website information and scratch off pin number is located on the back of the card. Artists can sell cards for any price and keep 100 percent of the profit. All music downloaded is in a fully compatitable mp3 format!

Future projects:
Ring tone services that will be an included with all Empress Media cards. Empress Live is a service that will allow Artist to make their live show available for sale right after the concert. Empress Blast will allow Artist to reach their fan base through mobile phone text messaging. Artist can inform their fans about new album releases, concert dates, and new merchandise.

Visit Empress MultiMedia Inc at http://www.empressmultimedia.com or email NealKelley@EmpressMultiMedia.com for info.
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We are collection of Technologist, Musicians and Producers committed to providing highly profitable, low cost solutions that will greatly benefit the independent record label, artist and producer.
Neal Kelley
CEO Empress MultiMedia Inc


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