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DRUM! Magazine Demonstrates Diversity For NAMM 2010 January 15, 2010

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DRUM! Demos Diversity For NAMM 2010: Dave Lombardo’s Loud, But New Approach; Gavin Harrison’s Tips Of The Trade; Stanton Moore Meets Bonham

San Jose, Calif., — Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip/drum percussion magazines worldwide, has published, maybe, its most diverse, insightful issue to date. And how apropos that Issue 168 is being displayed at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers trade show) 2010.

Featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer on the cover, DRUM! investigates his new approach to playing louder and harder. The magazine also examines the always interesting Gavin Harrison—drummer for Porcupine Tree– and his suggestions to boosting one’s career. DRUM! also includes drum parts from Stanton Moore’s, who’s creating tunes with a nod to John Bonham.

“DRUM! has always been committed to writing about the most established drummers and younger players, who have innovating now,” said Phil Hood, publisher and one of the founders of Enter Music Publishing. For instance, after reading an article on jazz legend, Art Blakey, he is now drumming with an approach he calls “crescendos.” This can be heard on Slayer’s new album, World Painted Blood, in which he builds the intensity of the drums by hitting the ride cymbal harder versus switching to the crash ride. Additionally, Lombardo established himself in the metal scene by being one of the pioneers of double bass playing. In his case, this refers to playing unisons – right hand on snare, left hand on a cymbal while playing sixteenths with his feet. For a sneak preview of the Dave Lomardo story, check out: http://www.drummagazine.com/features/post/dave-lombardo-cover-story-sneak-preview/

It takes a mix of confidence and humility for an established drummer like Gavin Harrison to provide tips to other drummers to improve their careers. Harrison, however, may be the perfect drummer to discuss breakthrough playing and mental strategies. Starting his career at age six playing jazz, Harrison carved a niche for himself in the industry when he replaced Bill Bruford in a two drummer format with King Crimson, known as the “double trio” configuration.

Armed with this knowledge and much more, writer Harrison provides the reader with 10 specific career tips to succeed. Make your own luck” Harrison outlines his tips with the same dexterity as his drumming. Point #3 is especially poignant, which is “Treat Every Gig Like An Audition. In his “Practice Pad” column, Moore discusses one of his projects, The Garage A Trois.” Moore’s transcription of “Electric Door Bell Machine, is a great example of thoughtful, drum voicing that fits with the rest of the group.

About Enter Music Publishing
Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of hip, drum/percussion magazines, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! is the flagship publication of Enter Music Publishing, Inc. and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation.

Website: http://www.drummagazine.com/features/post/dave-lombardo-cover-sto


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