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More Than Three Quarters Of U.S. Kids Ages 2-14 Acquired Entertainment Content In The Past Year January 6, 2010

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According to Kids and Entertainment Content, the most recent report from leading market research company, The NPD Group, 79 percent of kids age 2-14 have acquired some form of physical or digital content in the past year, with 31 percent acquiring both physical and digital content.

According to the report, digital content seems to be an additional source kids turn to when they want to supplement their physical collections, which is supported by that fact that less than 1 percent of kids only acquired digital content.

In terms of money spent on this content by kids, $0.85 of every content dollar spent went to physical items, while $0.15 went to digital.

Video rental services and online music services were the top content-based household services or subscriptions used by kids ages 2-14 in the past year, with 19 percent of kids using an in-store video rental service, 12 percent using an online video rental service, and 14 percent using an online music service. Paid subscriptions to online video game rental services and paid subscriptions to online gaming Web sites ranked among the lowest.

Forty-one percent of kids who own some form of digital content said music was the first type of content they downloaded, with 38 percent saying it was game downloads. The average age at which kids make their first digital acquisition is 7 years old. Girls in particular turn to single song downloads when they first foray into music, and their predisposition for music also makes them slightly more likely than boys to first get ringtones.

“Forty-three percent of digital downloaders were six years old or younger when they acquired their first digital content,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group. “Since parents are the first touch point for children this age, it is important for companies to develop marketing strategies that reach parents as well as kids.”

The report provides valuable insight into kids’ ages 2-14 consumption of entertainment content including video and PC games, music, movies, TV shows, cell phone tones and music videos. It also provides a current look at kids’ usage and acquisition of entertainment content across all devices; with a strong focus on digital content and sources.


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