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StartMySong Allows Songwriters Ability To Sell Their Music & Keep 100% Download Revenues Thanks To Bandbox Widget January 4, 2010

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The songwriting industry has taken a hit from the economy just like the rest of the music business. Usually, songwriters look to publishers to get their music into the hands of recording artists or create licensing deals to generate revenues from their songs.

StartMySong was created to further facilitate this process by allowing songwriters from anywhere in the world the chance to pitch their music to publishers, music supervisors, and others looking for the next big hit.

By allowing anyone to hear and rank the music, StartMySong creates a songs chart ranked by popularity, making it easy for music publishers or recording artists such as Taylor Swift to discover the best new music. The top rated songs are listed on the Top Songs tab–where if a song is desired, all a music publisher has to do is click on the “Publish, License, or Record” button to begin negotiations with the artist for use of that song.

Quite often, though, the demo is already perfect for the consumer, especially with songs submitted by singer/songwriters who already write and produce their own music.

With advances in technology, singers/songwriters find it much easier today to create incredible music without the need for expensive production and mixing (although that never hurts).

So why should songwriters sit back and wait for an artist or publisher to record and help sell their music when people are ready to buy? There is no need as songwriters can now sell their song demos just like regular songs and keep 100% download revenues from their music sales.

This revolutionary Web 2.0 tool for songwriters has been made possible through a joint effort between Bandbox and StartMySong. Bandbox, a company based in Nashville, allows the creation of an embeddable widget, which acts as a store for the songwriters’ digital and physical music. The Bandbox widget allows artists to set their own prices, sell their music immediately, and make 100% of the profit on every digital track or album sold. This widget can now be embedded right on the songwriter’s StartMySong artist page.


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