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New Reporting Radio Stations Kick Off The 2010 With New Technology January 4, 2010

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Website: http://www.spinstrackingsystem.com

STS (Spins Tracking System), the leading system used worldwide by radio stations to report their broadcast music, has incorporated Web 2.0 technology AJAX to enhance the user experience and to open STS to more web browsers on a massive level of platforms.

This technology upgrade makes the STS system THE premier station reporting and tracking system in the radio world today!

New Music Weekly magazine and STS is currently accepting new reporting radio station until the end of January. There is never a fee to radio station to gain their reporting status.

With the closure of R&R and the integration of its radio stations to the New Music Weekly panel NMW holds the leading position with reporting radio station offering them the visibility needed to be successful within the radio industry.

Spins Tracking System has revolutionized the way radio and record executives look at charts. A technology used to deliver the most highly accurate chart information available, STS is the industry leading weekly provider of information that covers music played at commercial and non-commercial radio.

STS delivers a wide variety of airplay charts that track releases in Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AAA, College, Jazz, World, RPM, Hip Hop, Loud Rock and Alternative genres in addition to Record Pools.

Integrated with AirplayAccess, the leading digital servicing company supply radio stations with music worldwide, STS remains to be a leader in the technology race to provide radio airplay information worldwide.


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