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Real-Time Search Reaches Online Radio With RadioTuna.com December 18, 2009

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LONDON, December 15 — A tiny UK start-up may just have stolen a march on the online music industry by launching the first real-time search engine for internet radio.

RadioTuna.com is a new website that tracks 20,000 stations around the world in real-time and uses complex algorithms to make finding them easy.

Real-time search is the latest development in internet technology, with Twitter leading the revolution and Google introducing real-time results very recently. RadioTuna is the world’s first real-time search engine for radio, giving up-to-the-minute results about the music being played across the globe.

The data collected illustrates the incredible range of music available through internet radio to an extent not possible before, providing a game-changing level of search fidelity. Stations can be found either by artist or genre, and a unique profiling process shows the breakdown of music played on each. Exploring the Long Tail of radio has never been so much fun.

About RadioTuna

RadioTuna.com was created by three music fans who loved internet radio but were frustrated by the search for new stations.

Co-founder William Jenkins said, “We built RadioTuna because we were fed up with other radio search engines. The site is kind of a cross between Spotify and Google, and it’s been likened to both.”

Beneath the cute branding and simple interface sits serious technology that captures and processes data about the music as it is played. It’s a place for fans of every genre to find out what’s going on right now, with relevant results for every artist in their 10 million-track database.

No accounts, profiles or subscriptions required – just search for an artist or genre and click on a search result to start the music.

About Online Radio
Online Radio has a vast global audience attracting tens of millions of listeners around the world. It is unique in its ability to serve niche audiences with highly specialised content, and the diversity of music on offer is unmatched by any other service.

Although there are large stations with thousands of listeners, there are many more tiny ones broadcasting to only a handful of people at once. These small stations often cost more to run than they ever make and are run purely for the love of the music.
Site: http://radiotuna.com


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