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Digital Media Wire And CAAMA Partner To Launch Digital Strategies Conference And Canadian Media Wire December 17, 2009

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Url: http://www.digitalstrategiesconference.com

Digital Media Wire is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Strategies Conference and Canadian Media Wire, two initiatives the company has developed in partnership with CAAMA.

Taking place in Toronto on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, during Canadian Music Week, the Digital Strategies Conference is a one-day event focused on effectively marketing products and services in the Digital Age. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, online marketing is key to business success. At the Digital Strategies Conference, marketers and business owners will learn how to use the latest e-business tools and make smart investment decisions with limited marketing dollars.

“Ned Sherman and his team at Digital Media Wire have a firm place in the digital arena and have established a stellar reputation in producing digital media events,” remarks Neill Dixon, President of Canadian Music Week. “When we decided to incorporate a day-long series of seminars and workshops focused on e-commerce and e-business, it just seemed like a natural fit to team up with Ned.”

Confirmed to keynote at the conference are two best-selling authors Bob Garfield and Scott Fox, marking their first appearance in Canada.

Bob Garfield is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer, and inveterate broadcaster. He recently published the book The Chaos Scenario which outlines the new landscape for media and advertising in a digital world. On television, he is the advertising analyst for ABC News and on radio, he is the co-host of NPR’s On The Media.

Scott Fox is an entrepreneur and online marketing and e-commerce success coach. A best-selling author, he has held the number one spot on both Amazon.com’s E-commerce list and Hi-Tech Careers list. Publisher’s Weekly calls his book e-Riches 2.0 “a godsend to those intimidated by digital media.”


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