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Swiss Survey Shows Public Willing To Pay For Music November 24, 2009

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According to a representative survey, 70% of the Swiss population considers music, literature, the cinema, art, dance and theatre to be very important. Music is the most frequently mentioned art form (37%), with over 40% of those surveyed qualifying music as “essential” or “a passion”. On average, the Swiss listen to music 3.2 hours per day. In addition to the public’s views on music, the survey also investigated consumption behavior and the public’s attitude towards authors’ rights.

Creators should be paid for private copying 91% of those surveyed believe that composers and music authors should be paid for the broadcasting and performance of their works (74% without restriction, 17% agree in part), while 77% believe that music creators should also be paid for the copying of their works (20% agree in part).

This average increases with age and level of education. In the under-35 age group, nearly 30% are rather critical or critical of a copying levy. The Swiss population therefore comes out overwhelmingly in favor of copying fees for music creators.

Music consumption: from radio to cell phone?
Radio is still number one in terms of music consumption: 72% of those surveyed say they listen to the radio every day, and about 50% listen to music on their hi-fis. Internet and MP3 players are also widespread: about 40% of the population listens to music on such devices – 60% for the younger generation (the 16 to 35 age group). Private copying of protected music is allowed in Switzerland. SUISA collects that remuneration in the form of a lump-sum levy on blank storage media (CDs, DVDs, memory devices in music players) and passes it on to the right-holders.

Those over 35 generally pay for their music online: the 35 to 50 age group say they buy three times as many songs in online shops as they download for free. One person out of ten in the over 50 age group buys music on the web.

Many never copy, young people do it regularly As in the case of the internet, copying behaviour varies significantly from one age group to the other. 67% of those surveyed do not copy music CDs or DVDs at all, be it on CDs, DVDs, computers or MP3 players. 10% of the under-50s copy music compared with over 50% of the under 35s.

SUISA is important for the Swiss music scene Over half of those surveyed know that there is an organization in Switzerland which safeguards the rights of composers, authors and publishers of music. 40% recognize the name SUISA.


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