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Shootout: 7 Pro Audio Software Products Rated October 15, 2009

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Digital Music Doctor has released a new analysis which compares seven of the most popular Digital Audio Workstation software products from DigiDesign, Steinberg, Cakewalk, MOTU, Apple, Ableton and Image Line. This analysis is an update of an ongoing study and now includes ratings for the recently released Apple Logic Pro 9. The analysis measures these products based on two ratings, an overall functional rating and a value ratio that measures which products provide the most value for the money. Logic Pro has improved both of its ratings with the addition of new audio warping and time stretching functions in Version 9.

1 – Cubase 5 (4.6)
2 – Sonar 8 (4.3)
3 – Logic Pro 9 (4.1)
4 – Digital Performer 6 (4.0)
5 – Pro Tools 8 (3.6)
6 – Live 8 (3.0)
7 – FL Studio 8 (2.8)

1 – Pro Tools 8 (1.45)
2 – FL Studio 8 (1.41)
3 – Cubase 5 (0.92)
4 – Sonar 8 (0.86)
5 – Logic Pro 9 (0.82)
6 – Digital Performer 6 (0.81)
7 – Live 8 (0.67)

The functional rating evaluates 130 different factors on a scale of 0-5 (5 being best) which are combined to arrive at an overall rating. The second metric of the analysis is the value ratio which is the ratio of the overall functional rating divided by the representative dealer price. Each main category of the functional rating has several subcategories which provide overall ratings for such functions as Mixing & Mastering, MIDI Editors, and Loops & Remix. The analysis also includes an explanation for each rating as well as a description of what a particular function is and why it is important.

This analysis is based on the materials used in the video training courses produced by Digital Music Doctor for DigiDesign Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase, MOTU Digital Performer, Apple Logic Pro, Image Line FL Studio and Ableton Live. The complete analysis is available at the Digital Music Doctor web site: http://www.digitalmusicdoctor.com/shootout/shootout_summary.htm

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