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Songbeat 360 Now Available For Download: “The Future Of Music!” September 16, 2009

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“Why should I pay for music when it’s available for free everywhere anyway? This is the question everyone is asking themselves today.” says Claudio Fritz-Vietta, CEO of Songbeat Distribution Ltd. “We have arrived at the future of music. Music is shifting from being a product to a service.” he explains. Until now there has not been a single software platform capable of optimizing the full potential of the widespread availability of digital tracks online; nor has the music industry adapted themselves to profit from this uncontrollable trend. Neither the conventional business models nor the already available music players have been properly conceptualized for the music market of the future.

Songbeat Brings it All Together
“Songbeat is a high-powered interactive music player with an integrated music search engine and a user interface that steps up in direction competition to iTunes.” says Friz-Vietta.
Songbeat Search locates millions of digital tracks from hundreds of thousands of artists, from all over the web. A groundbreaking innovation allows artists, labels and concert organizers to use the player free of charge as an advertising platform for promotion, ticket sales, merchandising and special offers. According to Fritz-Vietta; “In the future, all real turnover in the music industry will be made through these avenues of income.”

Grand Slam for Listeners and Labels Alike
Songbeat 360 is compatible with Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems
The player offers labels and bands a platform for promotion and supports new modes of multichannel marketing and revenue earning.
In addition to the highly intuitive search function that accesses any and all music that is available online, Songbeat 360 offers a comprehensive Discover function which gives users backstage access to artists. Biographies, photos, recommendations for albums and much more are delivered directly to your desktop. Users can view real-time international search trends to check out what artists are most sought after.

And with the world’s first Bookmark function for music, users can bookmark musicians, tag them with their own comments and then hang them on their own virtual poster wall. Fans can use the Live function to see when and where their favorite artists are performing, listing everything from club performances to classical concerts. With the conveniently-located twitter function, users can tweet from Songbeat 360 to let friends know what track they are listening to, or to send personal messages.

Up to 2,500 Tracks Included
The Songbeat 360 player is now available for free download in a public beta at http://www.songbeat360.com. The download includes 50 free credits granting users access to as many as 2,500 tracks to stream or download directly. One credit equals one search, each search showing up to 50 results. Additional credits can be purchased any time, at €10/$15 for 1,000 credits – providing up to 50,000 tracks.

Like other search engines, Songbeat 360 only provides links to files that are already available online. It does not host actual digital tracks. It does not keep track of user download or listening behaviour. Users are not involved in filesharing, do not provide music to other users and do not participate in P2P filesharing.

Url: http://www.songbeat360.com/


1. Dancer - October 5, 2009

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of..ahem, let’s call them..people who might fall for this, but not me.First of all,it had a hard time the first time this app was out and I’m pretty sure it will not be different this time.And second of all, u won’t see me paying for something that is basically free.

2. Daniel - October 14, 2009

No, I won’t pay for illegal stuff, first time was sued by Warner Music, I’m wondering how legal is this time? Also, I pay for search, but what about I don’t find what I like and need? No way!!!

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