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Music Producer/Drummer Loren Weisman presents his Realistic Music Careers 101 Seminar: Drum Clinic for Non Drummers on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 in Seattle, Washington September 16, 2009

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The Drum clinic for non drummers will be presented by Loren Weisman on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Elliott Bay Recording Company in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The purpose is to help those that do not play drums communicate better with their drummers or the drummers that they hire when creating, performing and recording songs.

Many musicians and songwriters often complain about drummers not playing the right part or not playing the song the way they want it. This clinic is designed to empower and teach artists to use and extend their vocabulary of drums in order to better describe, explain and ask for what they want in a song or songs. This will be a great event for any artist that has ever felt frustration, confusion or a lack of knowledge in trying to communicate what they want with their drummer or a drummer they want to hire.

The clinic will include explanation as well as demonstration of different styles and mixture of styles. Different patterns and approaches, Different feels and applications for them, Fills, embellishments and dynamics and ostinatos, stickings and Linear playing simply explained. Dynamics, playing busy vs. playing simple as well as an overview on using sticks, brushes, mallets, different drums and cymbals. The simplest vocabulary, best phrases, words and ways to get the point across about how you want your song to sound along with working with a drummer on combining your ideas and their ideas to create the best song possible.

Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer and drummer based in Seattle, Washington. Having worked on over three hundred albums, Loren has also worked on numerous television, film, video game and radio productions, from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to Seattle. Loren spent many years as a session, touring and substitute drummer for major and independent artists. Loren is the founder of Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC, and the author of the Freedom Solutions Recording Plan. Loren has also written “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business”, a book to help independent musicians achieve self sufficient and sustainable success.

Visit http://www.lorenweisman.com or http://www.braingrenademusic.com for more information on Loren Weisman and the Realistic Music Careers 101 Seminar: Drum clinic for non-drummers.

Contact: Jenée Arthur, Rellihan Satterlee.
3511 SW Henderson St., Seattle, Wa. 98126
PH: 206.588.1998 EM: jenart@relsat.com


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