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GigLocator Launches in Open Beta Today August 12, 2009

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GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. Offering a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too, the site will also keep you informed about your favorite artists’ upcoming tour date as you enter multiple Last.fm, Pandora or iLike usernames.

Learning about your preferences from the gigs you attend and the stuff you’re listening to GigLocator’s recommendation engine can provide more accurate and targeted recommendations.

As you are advised of upcoming gigs, you can share the dates with friends by way of your social network of choice; or GigLocator can connect you to people near you with similar musical tastes, others nearby who might be interested in going along too. How cool is that! No more being embarrassed by your musical preferences as you trudge off to attend concerts by yourself.

From the way things sound, this is another free resource made available to the music aficionado in each of us. GigLocator will make its money from ticket vendors on sales.

With record sales in freefall, but many artists still making money from live tours, GigLocator is in a good position to make a healthy profit from the one section of the music industry still making money.

What I have not heard yet is whether this format will make it possible for musicians to post their gigs, or being located in the UK, this site’s focus will be groups touring the United Kingdom.


1. James Proud - August 14, 2009

Hello, James from GigLocator here. Just to quickly clarify, GigLocator is a worldwide resource, and we are opening up specific areas for artists, labels and users to keep our system up-to-date manually very soon. Keep a look out in the coming weeks 🙂

David W. King - August 15, 2009

Thanks for clarifying this matter with us. We thought you might ultimately be headed in that direction, but being in Beta yet, we weren’t prepared to say.

Will you be set up as an opened calendar so musicians can post their own gigs?

We like your premise and want to encourage you to update us with press releases as news breaks. We wish you every success.

Thanks for your comments.

Your Friends at
Blues in the Digital Age.

James Proud - September 23, 2009

If you simply email me via the address I put in this comment, I’ll be able to keep you directly informed 🙂

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