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Are Twitter’s Days Numbered? August 10, 2009

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.
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In a article which appeared on Site Pro News, Twitter’s days may be numbered. It seems that Twitter has been sued for patent infringement and the company suing is not likely to settle for cash. It may want to shut Twitter down.

In brief:

TechRadium, a Texas-based technology company which makes mass notification systems for public safety organizations and the military, is suing Twitter for patent infringement.

The scary part is that TechRadium may very well have an excellent case. The safety company has three patents relating to the delivery of mass notification:

Tech Radium has its ducks in order. It applied for and was granted the following three patents:

1) Patent 7,130,389, applied for in 2005 and granted in 2006, consisting of a digital notification and response system.

2) Patent 7,496,183, applied for in 2007 and granted in 2009 – a method to provide digital notification– a method to provide digital notification;

3) Patent 7,519,165, applied for in 2007 and granted in 2009 – a method for providing digital notification and receiving responses.

Clearly, TechRadium finds the Twitter service to be too similar to their patented methods.

Here’s an extract from the actual lawsuit, filed in Texas on August 4:
“On information and belief, Defendant, Twitter, makes, uses, sells, or otherwise provides throughout United States and within the geographical area covered by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas the systems and methods described by the claims in the ‘389, ‘183 and ‘165 Patents.”

TechRadium is losing business and they’ve decided the time is right to defend their patents.

Why did they wait all this long to sue, it wasn’t as though they weren’t aware of Twitter. According to a blog which we ran several weeks ago, Twitter receives an estimated $55 million in free media coverage every month.

This sounds like a story worth pursuing.

Are Twitter’s days numbered?