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David W. King Honored By Strathmore’s Who’s Who July 23, 2009

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I recently received this email:

Dear Dave King,
It is my pleasure to inform you that on June 15th, 2009 your information was reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the 2009/2010 edition of our registry.

Strathmore’s Who’s Who each year, recognizes and selects key executives, professionals and organizations in all disciplines and industries for outstanding business and professional achievements.

This recognition is shared by those who have reached a distinguished level of success in their chosen profession.

On behalf of the CEO and our esteemed staff, we wish you continued success.

J.M. Blakely
Vice President, Research Division
Strathmore’s Who’s Who

I am so honored, and so excited.

The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity July 23, 2009

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33.44 minutes in length

1,728,000 minutes/day
Over 1000x faster than you can watch
493,714 videos/day
1,000,000 videos uploaded per day
Over 99.9% irrelevant to you (estimated)

Thoughts on Celebrity July 23, 2009

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Every independent musician has a dream of one day becoming a celebrity. Be that a high order, it also carries a high cost.

On that subject, here are a few quotations on celebrity from some of the best minds in history:

The hero was distinguished by his achievement; the celebrity by his image or trademark. The hero created himself; the celebrity is created by the media. The hero was a big man; the celebrity is a big name.
Daniel J. Boorstin

A sign of celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.
Daniel J. Boorstin

It feels good when it helps to get a good seat for a football game. But it never helped me make a good film or a good shot in a polo game, or command the obedience of my daughter. It doesn’t even seem to keep the fleas off our dogs — and if being a celebrity won’t give me an advantage over a couple of fleas, then I guess there can’t be much in being a celebrity after all.
Walt Disney, [On being a celebrity]

I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face. As soon as one is aware of being “somebody,” to be watched and listened to with extra interest, input ceases, and the performer goes blind and deaf in his overanimation. One can either see or be seen.
John Updike, Self-Consciousness: Memoirs, ch. 6, 1989


Never attempt to catch a whale with a minnow.
-P. T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum
“You know I had rather be laughed at than not to be noticed at all…”
-P. T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum

Independents You Is About to Get Owned by Sony Music Entertainment July 23, 2009

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Sony Music Entertainment (SME) has announced that it has entered into a global partnership with IODA to create a new leading distribution and services network for independent rights holders.

As part of the partnership, Sony Music has made a strategic investment in IODA, a leader in digital distribution, marketing, and technology solutions for the independent music industry. This agreement underscores Sony Music’s commitment to expanding its service capabilities to the independent label community.

With its independent distribution subsidiary RED, Sony Music currently provides award winning sales and marketing services to independent labels and artists. IODA now brings its proven digital distribution platform for the independent sector into the Sony Music network.

“Sony Music is committed to offering independent labels and distributors the most compelling package of distribution services in the industry,” said Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, U.S. Sales and Corporate Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment.

“IODA has proven it has the expertise and ability to lead the independent market with groundbreaking digital solutions. In just six years, IODA has emerged as a leader in digital distribution for the independent music and video community. IODA’s robust systems for managing the technical complexities of digital distribution and marketing continue to set the standard for the way independent rights holders do business in the digital age.”

This alliance will greatly enhance IODA’s ability to continue delivering effective solutions for Independents.

Following this Social Media Horse-Race July 23, 2009

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*As Myspace.com continues its strategic move toward becoming an “entertainment portal,” the growth to Myspace Music should help cement their presence in this space. Since the site’s launch in September 2008, unique visitors to the music.myspace.com subdomain have increased 190 percent — growing from 4.2 million unique visitors to 12.1 million in June 2009. Year-over-year traffic to the URL has increased 1,017 percent

* When comparing unique visitors of the music.myspace.com subdomain to other sites within the music category in June, it ranked third behind AOL Music and Yahoo! Music and ahead of popular music sites like MTV Networks Music and Pandora.com (see Chart 1)

* People between the ages of 12 and 17 were 2.4 time more likely than the average active Internet user to visit music.myspace.com. Visitors between 18 and 24 were 2.2 more likely than the average Internet user to visit the site in June (see Chart 2)

Twitter Continues to Leap toward the Top
* Among the top 10 social media sites, Twitter.com was again the fastest growing, increasing 1,928 percent year-over-year, from 1 million unique visitors in June 2008 to 21 million unique visitors in June 2009–making Twitter the fourth most visited member communities site in June (see Chart 3)

* Facebook continued to lead as the No. 1 U.S. social networking site for the sixth month in a row, with 87.3 million unique visitors in June 2009 (see Chart 3)

Facebook No. 1 when it Comes to Time
* Facebook was also the No. 1 social networking site among the top 10 when ranked by average time per person, with visitors spending an average of 4 hours and 33 minutes on the site in June. This is a 240 percent year-over-year increase (see Chart 4)

* The average time per person on Twitter increased 522 percent year-over-year, from 5 minutes and 2 seconds in June 2008 to 31 minutes and 17 seconds in June 2009, making it the fastest growing by time per person among the top 10 (see Chart 4)

* With 120.1 million total video streams, Myspace.com was the No. 1 social media site when ranked by streams for June 2009. It was also the No. 1 social networking site when ranked by unique viewers of video content, with 12.9 million viewers for the month (see Chart 5)

* Facebook was the fastest growing social media site by both total video streams and unique viewers of video. Total streams increased 434 percent year-over-year, from 10.1 million streams to 54 million streams. Unique viewers of video increased 397 percent, from 2.4 million in June 2008 to 12 million in June 2009

Billboard.com to Chart a New Experience for Music Fans Online July 23, 2009

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Billboard, the world’s most trusted music brand, today unveiled the new Billboard.com – the ultimate music entertainment destination for fans around the world. The new Billboard.com provides visitors with incredible music discovery opportunities through unprecedented access to historical and current Billboard charts across all genres of music, comprehensive artist information, exclusive music content and touring news, dynamic editorial features, unique chart-based products and social media integration.

“Billboard.com delivers a truly exciting and immersive experience for both passionate and casual music fans,” said Howard Appelbaum, Publisher of Billboard. “The new site showcases the power of Billboard’s unique assets, and further establishes Billboard’s position as a leading, global consumer music brand.”
The heart and soul of Billboard.com are the legendary Billboard charts that are brought to life on the new site. Billboard’s exclusive music charts – the foundation of the Billboard brand – were also used to develop fun, consumer-friendly, chart-based products for the new site.

Visitors can also receive the latest music news from Billboard’s world-renowned editorial team via “The Feed” – a news feed prominently featured on the Billboard.com homepage, read Billboard editorial reviews and listen to new songs in the New Releases section of the site, and search for concerts in the Live section with “The Tour Finder” – a live music navigation tool powered by Jambase’s live music and concert information. The new site, designed by Razorfish – the company responsible for such major sites as cnn.com, nytimes.com and xmradio.com, also now features social networking communities that enable Billboard.com members to create their own music experience. About Billboard
Now in its 115th year, Billboard is the world’s premier music brand consisting of business-to-business properties including Billboard Magazine, Billboard.biz and Billboard Events as well as a consumer platform – Billboard.com – the online destination of choice for millions of music fans.

EU And MTV Enlist International Artists To Mobilize Youth Audiences In Run-Up To Copenhagen Climate Conference July 23, 2009

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The European Commission and MTV Networks International launched the “Play to Stop – Europe for Climate” campaign. The campaign will run for six months, and is aimed at raising awareness among young people about the dangers of climate change whilst mobilizing them in the run-up to the Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December.

“Play to Stop” targets 11 EU Member States and involves TV spots, a Moby concert in Stockholm, two concerts featuring other artists in Budapest and Copenhagen, webcasts and games, and editorial content about the battle against climate change.

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said: “Today’s young people will bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change. Major artists on board

From July to December, “Play to Stop – Europe for Climate” aims to engage young people in 11 EU Member States in the fight against climate change. Throughout the campaign the music channel will also devote editorial content to the fight against climate change, producing several specials.

Each concert will take place alongside a major event related to climate change: World Water Week in Stockholm, Mobility Week in Budapest, and the Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Boosting action by young people

While young people are aware of the risks posed by climate change, they rarely act against it. Only 51% of people aged between 15 and 24 have ever taken action to fight climate change, the lowest proportion of any age group.

For more on this: http://www.mtvplay4climate.eu