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Rumors Regarding the Death of the CD Premature July 21, 2009

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.

According to the findings of a recently released report:

Most UK music fans are still happier buying a CD than downloading, according to The Leading Question, the specialist media and technology research agency, in conjunction with Music Ally.

Despite the growth of digital download sales, the research showed:

• 73% of music fans are still happy buying CDs rather than downloading
• 66% of 14-18 year olds prefer CDs
• 59% of all music fans still listen to CDs every day
• CD burning is top of all sharing activities (23%), above bluetoothing (18%), filesharing single tracks (17%) and filesharing albums (13%)

When it comes to music albums, fans still value a physical CD much more than digital downloads. For less tech savvy music fans their first experience of digital music often starts when they put a CD in their computer.

“Music fans have spoken and digital is evidently not the clear cut replacement to the physical CD.”

The Leading Question research shows that even the most digitally advanced music fans continue to buy CDs, with little evidence to show that digital music consumption is simply replacing physical consumption.

It’s particularly encouraging that those who are listening to streamed music on their computers are actually buying more music on both CDs and downloads than the average music fan.

Although these findings were based on the polling of 1000 individuals in the UK, it’s certain the same applies here in the states. Heve you got research findings that would reflect the same or different? Let’s hear from you.


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