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Twitter Receives Estimated $55 Million a Month in Free Media Coverage July 20, 2009

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.

Since its inception, Twitter has become a media darling. This you would certainly know if you follow the news, sports, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, or shows such as Oprah. In almost every case, and too many more to mention, the close “You can now follow us on Twitter,” has become a tag line for everything we see or hear today.

How much would this media coverage be worth if Twitter and its free service had to shell out the dollars to pay for the same? It’s estimated that this coverage would cost as much as $55 million a month, or much more as this total doesn’t take into account the value of the coverage it receives in smaller newspapers thorughout the US and the other coverage it receives throughout the rest of the world.

How does this break down? According to VMS, a media intelligence company that monitors news coverage on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, it breaks down this way:
Television contributed to 57% of the PR value
Newspapers 37%
Magazines 5%, .

How long can Twitter expect to command this kind of media coverage, and remain the social media darling it has become? That’s hard to say. It will certainly continue until it reaches 1 billion users, which would make it the “pulse of the planet.”

When will it start to turn this traffic, users and media attention into cold hard dollars? That is anyone’s guess.

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