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Become a Anime Music Video Superhero, Lend Your Music as the Soundtrack to an AMV July 19, 2009

Posted by David W. King in Uncategorized.

How cool! Imagine your original music as the soundtrack to an anime feature. Anime is the abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of “animation” If you’ve never seen an anime music video (AMV), you’ll be surprised at the high quality of work created by these anime creators/artists.

Every year, the Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest is a main event at Anime Expo, held at the Asia UCLA Asia Institute, Los Angeles, California. Proven to be a great training ground for careers in video production and editing, the contest showcases what is currently popular in anime; at the same time introducing new anime (or music) not seen nor heard before. Every year AMV creators vie for top honors by producing new videos to show to the Anime Expo public. The AMV Contest acts as one of the best ways that Anime Expo (and other anime conventions) promote an anime to a larger audience.

AMVs are compiled from clips from anime TV series and/or films and edited to music of the creator’s choice, Because the music often used for these AMVs is often used without proper copyright clearances legality remains an issue with record companies due to copyright infringement. The anime creators themselves continue to encourage the creation of AMVs, because it draws more attention to the anime or video game featured in the work

The solution to this problem may lie in providing your original music for use to these creators. By effectively hooking up with an anime music video creator, you could become a hero to fangirls and fanboys throughout the Asian Pacific Arts community.

For more information contact

Asia Pacific Arts
UCLA Asia Institute
11372 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487
Editorial Phone: 310-825-9110
Email: asiaarts@international.ucla.edu

For more information on the Anime Expo:


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