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New Research Shows Digital Piracy Threat Is Changing Dramatically July 15, 2009

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New Research Shows Digital Piracy Threat Is Changing Dramatically
UK Music fans are turning their backs on regular file-sharing in favor of streaming and other ways of sharing music, especially amongst teens, according to the latest survey by The Leading Question, the specialist media and technology research agency.

Overall levels of regular file-sharing music are down, particularly amongst UK teenagers:

The overall percentage of music fans file-sharing regularly (i.e. every month) has gone down since the last national survey. The biggest drop in those regularly file-sharing occurred amongst 14-18 year olds. More fans are regularly sharing burned CDs and bluetoothing tracks to each other than file-sharing tracks.

There are now more UK music fans regularly buying single track downloads (19%) than file-sharing single tracks (17%) every month, though the percentage of fans sharing albums regularly (13%) remains higher than those purchasing digital albums (10%).

“File sharing is a moving target, so industry and Government policies need to recognise this,” says Music Ally CEO Paul Brindley.

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