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Future Of Music Coalition Releases Data-Driven Study On Independent Music Airplay On New York State Radio Stations July 12, 2009

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Artist education, research and advocacy organization Future of Music Coalition (FMC) announces the release of a new report that analyzes New York State radio playlists to determine whether the policy interventions resulting from 2003-2007 payola investigations have had any effect on the amount of independent music played on terrestrial radio.

Then, in April 2007, the Federal Communications Commission issued consent decrees against the nation’s four largest radio station group owners – Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Citadel and Entercom – as a response to collected evidence and widespread allegations about payola influencing what gets played on the radio.

In April 2009, FMC released a comprehensive, data-driven report called Same Old Song. Using data licensed from Mediaguide and a similar methodology, it examines playlist data from music stations licensed in New York State, broadcasting in a variety of formats, from 2005-2008.

Specifically, the data shows that:

* Playlist composition for music stations in NY State has remained remarkably consistent over the past four years. Neither the statewide airplay charts nor the majority of commercial stations demonstrate measurable change in major label vs. non-major label airplay share, despite specific policy interventions designed to increase access for independent artists. * Radio relies on “the hits.” * Indie label access has not increased. The playlist data show that major labels remain moderately more successful than indie labels in getting new songs added to station playlists, but vastly more successful in getting more spins for their songs.

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