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CDBaby Ups Cost of Selling Downloads, Passes Increase Along to Artists July 11, 2009

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If you sell downloads from CDBaby, it’s going to cost you a little bit more. CD Baby is upping the rate it charges artists for downloads sold direct from it’s site. This increase will range from 9% to 25% with a 27 cent minimum.

CD Baby blamed the increase in credit card fees which range from “27¢ (for a single) to over 50¢ (for an album or CD sale) per transaction”.

Commissions on downloads sold through Amazon, iTunes and other digital retailers will remain 9%.

Going live this weekend, this move is part of a site revamp that includes the addition of single song downloads, artist pages as well as the standard album pages, download card printing and an upload utility that eliminates the need to mail in a CD.

Music Collaboration Sites Unite World’s Musicians July 11, 2009

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The music industry is in a constant state of change and with the advent of music collaboration sites, anybody with an idea can connect with like-minded individuals, from just about anywhere in the world and produce a song. Each site is unique in its offerings as well.

Some sites have no licensing, some have cc licenses, some allow you access to private groups sites for a minimal cost, some are pay-to-hire.

Executive Shakeout at Myspace Not Over Yet July 11, 2009

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Layoffs are over at News Corp (NWS) social network MySpace, but the executive shakeout is not.

According to sources there are another five suits heading for the door. They are:

* Max Engel, Top engineer
* Tom Andrus, SVP of product management
* Travis Katz, MySpace international head
* Jamie Kantrowitz, MySpace Music SVP of strategy and global marketing
* Dan Fawcett, President of Fox Digital Media will return to the News Corp mothership.

But there may be several more departures.

Many of these are also top brass, these usually don’t get recognition like some of the others. They are:

Ulf Waschbusch, Director of Mobile Product, an expert in his area. He came from Google and was a Stanford MBA . A sound strategist and really good at his area of expertise. With a Silicon Valley background he was valuable at MySpace.

Ming Chen, a Product Manager who worked on important projects for the company with Tom Anderson. Probably one of the most knowledgeable people in social networking at MySpace. Great at execution too. His departure was a huge loss to MySpace.

CJ Chaney worked on much of the apps initiatives and worked very closely with the top execs at the company. Working out of the Seattle office, he built the MySpace Developer Platform with his team. He also worked on payment platform initiatives. A hard worker without whom a lot of things would not have gotten rolled out quickly without his involvement.

Eric Novins, an Engineer for MySpace photos. For a long time, the only engineer on the photos team, he acted both as Product Manager as well as Engineer. Prior to the company expanding the company to a point where quick delivery was more difficult, he worked to deliver site features really quickly

Most of these guys have been under the radar in the public eye, but they were well known as the MVP’s here at MySpace during their tenure.

More public than the above, there is also Allen Hurff, SVP of engineering. Internally, he is known for building the tech organization and implementing .NET initiatives company wide He lead Myspace to change into an Agile/Scrum organization early on.